Corona uncovers modern medicine system

Kamayani Naresh, Founder Zyropathy
Kamayani Naresh, Founder Zyropathy

By Kamayani Naresh, Founder, Zyropathy

More than a year has elapsed after Corona pandemic engulfed the globe. The modern medicine system failed to produce any effective medicine, therapy or vaccine.
I tried my best to convey to the Governments of various countries including India that the modern medicine system will never be able to produce any effective medicine, therapy or vaccine for Corona which is true even today.
Many medicine companies across the globe were given free hand to develop vaccines and emergency use approvals were accorded bypassing all safety norms. It is a known fact that modern medicines and vaccines have side effects. None of the vaccines under use have been tested for long term side effects because of shortage of time. Beside knowing it DGCI has granted 110% safe status to both the vaccines produced in India upon granting emergency use approval. The safety assurance given by DGCI was based on scientific facts and findings or it was merely an overwhelming sentimental response because India has joined the group of countries capable of producing vaccines.
Corona is nothing more than a mutant of flu virus with an ability to mutate further with each transmission. It doesn’t require anything special to be Corona safe. Your natural immunity is the only solution to Corona.
The Corona is dying down in India because people used various local herbs and ingredients part of our day to day cooking to strengthen their immunity. Although, modern medicine and political leaders are bullying the minds of common men as if their hard work, policies and medicines are responsible for Corona eradication which is completely baseless. If it was so then why is upward surge in Corona cases ? The main cause of resurfacing of Corona is that people became reluctant with respect to their immunity boosters. According to Govt and Health Departments the rise in Corona cases is attributable to reluctance by people in wearing masks, hand washing and maintaining social distancing.
It is known to everyone that there is no medicine for cure or prevention of Corona, no therapy has been found successful against Corona and the condition of the vaccine is even worse.
The research and production of vaccine globally has been done in extremely hurried manner and time, bypassing most of the safety and trial norms. Secondly, Coronavirus unlike measles, chicken pox, smallpox, polio is a dynamic virus mutating with every infection. It is possible to make vaccines for viruses which are mutating very slowly but not for viruses like Corona and HIV which mutate fast. The new strains will show up different characteristics and hence will require new vaccine. How long can we continue inoculating humans?
Since immunity is the ultimate custodian of our body from any form of infection, then why the Govt and Ministry of Health is not focusing and concentrating on ways and means to keep immunity strong? Mind you vaccine is not an immunity booster, it is only a immunity educator. So for vaccine to be effective and not produce counter infection your immunity has to be strong. It is likelihood that a person with weak immunity may catch the infection from the vaccine. The Govt. has announced that in second phase of vaccine will be administered to persons above 50 years of ageand persons with co-morbidities (low immunity because of continuous use of medicines). It is likely that the second phase of vaccination might prove to be devastating because most of the people above 35 yrs of age are under regular medication for some or other health issue.
Our country is full with various herbs and condiments capable of strengthening immunity. I reiterate that Corona could not cause devastation in India because masses upgraded their immunity by using herbs and condiments available locally.
I, therefore appeal to Govt. of India and Ministry of Health, who are the custodians of our health to educate people on boosting immunity by using locally available herbs and condiments instead of putting them under risk by inoculating. Everyone will make an individual effort to keep immunity strong and eradicate Corona from the country. The amount being spent on vaccination can be used to elevate poverty and generate jobs for millions of jobless youth.

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