Dedalus Expands its India presence to boost the transformation of the Digital Healthcare Ecosystem Globally

Shyam Jagadeesan India R & D Head and Andrea Fiumicelli, Group CEO, Dedalus

Chennai, January 2023: Dedalus today announced its plan to expand its presence in India to boost its software development for the global digital transformation in healthcare. Dedalus inaugurated a new expanded Research and Development (R&D) center at the Olympia Technology Park in Chennai, India.

Dedalus is a leading healthcare and diagnostic software provider in Europe and one of the largest in the world, providing solutions that touch more than 540 million people across 6,300 healthcare organizations in 40 countries. Dedalus has more electronic health records (EHRs) installed in hospitals outside the U.S. than any other vendor and manages more than 3 billion diagnostic results per year.

Providing high-quality healthcare services in an equitable manner is one of the most important goals of our age and digital technologies have the chance to positively impact this aspect. Dedalus designs digital solutions with this determination from its foundation, 40 years ago, having a clear purpose: serve each actor of the Healthcare Ecosystem to provide better care on a healthier planet.

The frontiers of innovation in healthcare are today focused on the new usability paradigm, the adoption of Artificial Intelligence, and the engagement of patients, with the clear aim to improve the quality of care and access to care in an equalitarian, ethical, and environmentally sustainable way, supporting healthcare professionals and patients in their daily activities.

“We are determined to continue to innovate the healthcare ecosystem, developing new solutions able to improve the daily life of patients and professionals. The investments in our Indian Development Hub are strong and they will continue. From September ’21 we increased by 22% our highly skilled Tech team and we are planning to grow by 20% again in 2023 ” comments Andrea Fiumicelli, Group Chief Executive Officer of Dedalus.