Dinesh Chauhan stepping up as Chief Executive Officer of CORE Diagnostics

Mr. Dinesh Chauhan

Gurgaon based CORE Diagnostics has announced that Dinesh Chauhan, the current Chief Operating Officer of the company, will be stepping up as the Chief Executive Officer starting September 1st, 2020. He will also join the board of directors of the company.

Dinesh is a founding member of the company and joined CORE in 2013. He has over 30+ years of experience in the diagnostics industry.

Dinesh expressed his thoughts at the announcement. “I am humbled at the confidence that the board has put in me. I have seen the organization grow from a small start-up to a 400+ strong team. Taking over from a Founder-CEO is never easy but I am looking forward to all the opportunities and challenges this next phase will bring.

This is an incredibly exciting time for our industry in general and for CORE in specific. The role we will play in the next few years in healthcare will be key to determining where healthcare will go in the future. Diagnostics and the underlying data that we generate and analyze has a tremendous impact on healthcare outcomes. This has only become more evident during the current pandemic.”

Zoya Brar, the current CEO and the Founder of the company is moving on and will also resign from the board. She will continue to support the company as an advisor to the board and the CEO.

She writes, “While many companies have shrunk and become more vulnerable in the last two quarters, CORE has grown by 100% in that time. We have now served over 500,000 patients. The last few months have been a great testament to the culture and ethos of the organization. People haven’t just remained loyal and brave; the team has also been the most energetic and passionate I have ever seen it. CORE as an organization has scaled and our values of trust, transparency, and a high-performance culture have remained robust.

It is now the right time to hand over the baton to Dinesh. Not many people have the pleasure of choosing their own successor. Even rarer is the opportunity to train them yourself. I am glad I have had that privilege.

As for me, I am going to take some personal time before letting my love for entrepreneurship take over my life again.”

CORE Diagnostics is backed by Artiman Ventures, F-Prime, and Eight Roads. Dr. Ajit Singh, the Executive Chairman of the board said, “We have envisioned this transition for some time, and I am very pleased that Dinesh Chauhan has accepted this role. When Zoya founded this company in 2012, everything about it was nascent, true to the literal meaning of the word – the entrepreneur, the business idea, and the readiness of the market. In the years that followed, CORE has become synonymous with innovative molecular diagnostics and a clear market leader in the field. The company has also become a benchmark in principled leadership and transparent work culture. On behalf of the board of directors of the company, I want to congratulate Zoya and her team for these remarkable achievements, and wish Dinesh the very best.”