Dr. Sujata Seshadrinathan receives Women’s Entrepreneur of the Year award for the SAARC region

Dr. Sujata

Mumbai, 12 January 2023: First Lady of Sri Lanka, Prof Maithree Wickremesinghe honored Dr. Sujata Seshadrinathan, Director of Basiz Fund Services, with the “Women’s Entrepreneur of the Year award for the SAARC region” at a ceremony held under the aegis of the Women’s Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Sri Lanka on 11th January. Dr. Sujata Seshadrinathan is a software, finance, and accounting specialist who has created automated technology solutions and products for accounting applications in the fund business, as well as Legal Tech.

Dr. Sujata Seshadrinathan, a Fund Administration business leader, has effectively incorporated a strong mix of dignity, knowledge, and elegance into her exceptional professional presence. Dr. Sujata has extensive expertise in the IT/ITES business. She has close to two decades of expertise in Technical/Domain Training, Business Process Management, Process Control, and Product Development, giving her a 360-degree view of delivering top-notch solutions to complex problems. Dr. Sujata, who is both innovative and ambitious, has made her mark by receiving two patents for her high-end intellectual property solutions. She has also been expertly managing Basiz’s customised investment portfolio for the past 13 years.

“As I receive this wonderful honor, I am overtaken by a sensation of incredible pride and appreciation. I was reminded that, while this is an honor for me, it is also a reward for the individuals and institutions that have assisted me in reaching this point. I dedicate this award to every Indian woman who is transforming our nation into a powerhouse of opportunity and progress, and I am honored by the privilege of representing us all,” said Dr. Sujata Seshadrinathan, Director of Basiz Fund Services.

“Women’s Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Sri Lanka, is an organisation founded by visionaries devoted to promoting female entrepreneurs and their economic contributions,” Dr. Sujata said. The organisation genuinely exemplifies strong and forward-thinking mindsets that aim to reinvent industry best practices. They are raising the standard for future generations of female entrepreneurs, and I am honored to be a part of such an inspiring movement.