Edmonton’s Food Bank to Receive 100% of Proceeds from 13 Golden Pearls Fundraiser of Love

Edmonton’s Food Bank to Receive 100% of Proceeds from 13 Golden Pearls Fundraiser of Love

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada : Reclaim Your Dreams in 2021 is a fundraiser created by local philanthropist Dr. Barry Allen Lycka, for the Edmonton’s Food Bank. Lycka, previously one of the top cosmetic dermatologists globally, is now a 3x bestselling author, life-changing coach and keynote speaker. Attendees will learn how to bounce back from a pandemic that has had negative effects on nearly everyone. The strategies taught will have attendees leaving with tools to apply now in creating a life well deserved, an opportunity to win great prizes and give to the Edmonton’s Food Bank too.

“We are grateful for the abundance of donated prizes this fundraiser for Edmonton’s Food Bank has attracted. It tells me the need is high and companies want to help draw people to the fundraiser. People need to know what to do next, and my desire is to help. In 2003 I was told I had six months to live, but I am here today and have dedicated my life to others,” explains Lycka. “Our communities here realize the struggle many families are having to feed their children, and the need for reusable masks – we all want to be part of the solution.”

Help is on the way. Dr. Lycka says, “It’s not what happens to you, it’s what you do with what happens.” Lycka will detail the 13 Golden Pearls of Wisdom gleamed from the near-death experience that is shared in the bestseller, “The Secrets to Living A Fantastic Life.” The book has received 5-star reviews raving of the life changing power it holds in opening people up to live and overcome adversity.

Edmonton’s Food Bank is working with GiveAMask.ca to make sure people have access to reusable masks during the pandemic. Many people have been hit hard financially and there are added costs to staying safe during COVID-19, most notably, masks are needed for everyday life activities. Edmonton’s Food Bank has witnessed the challenges clients are experiencing at this time. Aside from access to healthy, nutritious foods, people need masks and many families can’t afford reusable masks.

“We are grateful for Dr. Lycka and his decision to support Edmonton’s Food Bank. We rely on donations from the general public to help us serve our neighbors in need, and now, because of the pandemic, provide tools like masks for those struggling with poverty,” says Tamisan Bencz-Knight, Manager of Strategic Relationships and Partnerships, at Edmonton’s Food Bank. “We look forward to hearing from Dr. Lycka at the upcoming 13 Golden Pearls Fundraiser of Love – Reclaim Your Dreams in 2021 while sharing more about the work of Edmonton’s Food Bank.”