EKKI Pumps & Germany’s Viessmann Join forces to supply 1 Crore worth Ventilators to Tamil Nadu, India…

: Mr. Kanishka Arumugam, Co-CEO, EKKI Pumps met the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamilnadu

As India records its biggest rise in the number of Covid cases, pumps and water technology conglomerate EKKI joins forces with its German partners to battle Covid in the country.

The Rs. 30,000 Crore (3 billion euro) Viessmann Group with headquarters in Germany is a leading provider of global climate solutions. Together withIndia’s pumps and water technology conglomerate EKKI, the company has joined forces to donate ventilators to India.

Additionally, EKKI will also partner with its German JV partner HOMA Pumps, a world leader in waste water technology to supply PPE.EKKI currently provides considerable support through its BATTLE COVID initiative. The company has been giving PPE KITS to plumbers and installer communities across India, free Covid vaccinations to its employees and their families, and free COVID insurance to its members since last year.

Mr. Kanishka Arumugam, Co-CEO, EKKI Pumps met the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, Mr.MK Stalin and committed to Rs.1 Crore worth of ventilators and PPE from EKKI’s German associates to support COVID relief efforts in Tamilnadu, India. Also, on behalf of German companies Viessmann and HOMA Pumps.

“EKKI is committed to mobilising all its networks and resources to save lives. International partnerships and network synergies are important not just in business, but in communities as well. I express my personal appreciation to the Viessmann and Hoffmann families for demonstrating responsibility in times of crisis and showing solidarity, generosity and living by their values”. “I encourage more businesses, either small or large, to come together with their associates regionally and globally to battle Covid“ said Kanishka Arumugam, the Co-CEO of EKKI said.

Max Viessmann, Viessmann Co-CEO of Viessmann Group said: “The global coronavirus pandemic will only end when it ends for everyone – worldwide. The fight against the pandemic requires global solidarity. That is why we are thinking beyond the borders of our own country and providing unbureaucratic help to the people in those regions most severely affected by the pandemic. The way we deal with the coronavirus crisis today will determine how we remember this time in the future – hopefully with pride and the awareness of having achieved a new level of solidarity.”