Email Marketing Trends & Stats to Know for 2021

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Gary Thuerk was the first marketer to send a marketing email about 40 years ago. Gary sent an email to over 400 people to promote his company. This generated a considerable spike in emails and started lifecycle marketing.

Today, about 55% of marketers say that they receive their best ROI from email campaigns. And as a result of the Covid-19 crises, this number would increase! And even more, if you will hire great content writers from My Custom Essay!

Email Marketing Statistics

According to Hubspot, the number of emails sent has increased by about 27% compared to the pre-coronavirus era. There has also been a corresponding increase in email newsletter engagement.

Email marketing works without a doubt in increasing ROI, brand loyalty, customer engagement, and more. Let’s explore some impressive stats on email performance.

  • With segmented campaigns, there was over 760% increase in revenue
  • 78% of marketers report an increase in email engagement over the last twelve months
  • According to 31% of B2B marketers, email newsletters are the best way to nurture leads
  • About 80% of business professionals agree that email marketing increases the retention of customers
  • About 59% of respondents say that their purchase decisions were influenced by marketing emails
  • About 59% of marketers confirm that email is their most significant source of ROI.
  • When $1 is spent on email marketing, it generates a whopping $32 in ROI.
  • Emails have higher conversion rates when compared to social media and direct traffic.
  • According to 81% of businesses, email helps with customer acquisition and 80% vouch for customer retention.

Marketers Want to Improve Personalization

The need to personalize emails is becoming increasingly important. As high as 90% of Americans agree that personalized emails are more appealing.

The biggest challenge against the personalization of emails is data integration, according to 51% of respondent companies. Although personalized emails are the most effective, they are also the most difficult to use.

Personalized emails get an average ROI of 122%. But when an email is mistargeted, the repercussions could be costly. Also, there was a 50% higher open rate for personalized emails than for generalized emails.

Automated Emails

When email marketers use automated journey management, they can easily make their email strategies to include personalization. When triggered emails are sent based on a customer’s behavior, it is useful for both the acquisition and transformation of customers into loyal brand advocates.

Here are some stats that you may find interesting.

  • There is a 119% higher click rate for automated emails than broadcast emails.
  • There is as high as 50% conversion rates for B2C marketers who use automated emails to connect with their customers.
  • Broadcast emails have 18× less revenue-generating capacity than relevant emails.
  • Sending a series of welcome emails to help retailers see 13% more revenue than sending just one email.

So, you should strongly consider the use of data platforms to automate email journeys. This helps marketers easily create campaigns that recognize if customers have browsed specific product categories, visited a brand’s website, etc.


Email marketing is a highly effective tool that helps marketers to reach customers in today’s marketplace.

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