Entrepreneurial Spirit: 3 Signs That You Might Have It

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It’s true – some things, you either have or you don’t. Take entrepreneurial spirit. Not everyone can or should go off on their own to print their own magazine, run a startup, buy a food truck, etc. And that’s completely fine! If you are thinking of going off on your own to start a business but aren’t completely sure yet, here are 3 signs to get you started on this important consideration. 


There’s little chance of anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit lacking initiative or not taking the lead, because they see opportunities and act on them, rather than waiting for direction.

If you find yourself regularly proposing new ideas, volunteering for projects, or taking charge in group settings without being prompted, you likely have a strong initiative.

Maybe in team meetings, when a challenging project is presented, you often immediately step forward to outline a plan and assign tasks without being asked, displaying a proactive approach that aligns with entrepreneurial initiative. Or perhaps whenever your team is facing a tight deadline, instead of waiting for someone to delegate tasks, you take the initiative to organize and allocate responsibilities, ensuring that everyone is working efficiently toward the common goal. This hands-on leadership exemplifies your proactive nature.

Risk Tolerance

Honestly, entrepreneurs typically have a high tolerance for risk which means that they go into uncharted territories and try out for opportunities without being overly deterred by potential pitfalls like most other people. 

Do you feel comfortable making decisions in uncertain situations, investing in new ideas, or accepting challenges that others might shy away from? 

Maybe you’re already taking deliberate steps to invest in a startup or launch a product despite uncertainties, displaying a willingness to embrace the unknown and take calculated risks, perfectly in line with an entrepreneurial spirit in action. Perhaps you’ve even been in a position where you’re presented with an unconventional business opportunity with no guaranteed outcome and instead of immediately saying no, you were comfortable enough to weigh the potential benefits, and assess the risks.


Successful entrepreneurs adapt to changing circumstances, learning from experiences and adjusting their strategies based on feedback and evolving situations.

If you easily pivot when faced with unexpected challenges, seek to acquire new skills, and view setbacks as learning opportunities,e you certainly show a high level of adaptability.

Maybe you once had a work strategy that suffered from unexpected market changes and yet you swiftly adjusted your strategies, reevaluated your approach, and capitalized on emerging trends. Or perhaps in the face of technological advancements impacting your industry, instead of resisting change, you very intentionally choose to understand and integrate new technologies into your work, positioning yourself as someone who can thrive in evolving landscapes.

Frankly, entrepreneurship is not an easy journey and really it’s best suited to those with or willing to adopt the entrepreneurial spirit. 

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