Entrepreneurs Elevate Their Skills in The Art of Communication for Success

Entrepreneurs Elevate Their Skills in The Art of Communication for SuccessNew Delhi, September 22, 2023: In sync with this year’s theme, “Learn, Act, and Inspire,” the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO,) Gurgaon Chapter, an exclusive congregation of pan-industry entrepreneurs, hosted an important learning session “The Art of Communication”. The Learning Chair of EO Gurgaon Chapter acknowledged the importance of communication for business development and invited its members to upgrade their communication skills and discover the secrets for effective business interactions. The session was conducted by Mr. Mihir Mankad, a renowned global communication expert.

The learning session helped members understand the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication. It gave them a platform to upskill their techniques of conveying ideas, building relationships, and inspiring others. The event attracted various entrepreneurs anxious to upgrade their communication skills and discover the secrets to effective business interactions.

Commenting on the resounding success of the session, Mr. Aditya Tulsian, Learning Co-chair at EO Gurgaon said, “This session aims to guide us in crafting and delivering our own stories. Stories that help us connect with our employees, investors, customers, family, or friends. How to structure your story and provide the confidence needed to overcome the fear of public speaking, a key takeaway from the learning session. As a member of EO Gurgaon Learning Chair, I advise all members: ‘Never stop learning’, leaders always keep learning. If you stop learning, you stop growing.”

Mr. Mihir Mankad also articulated his views and said: “In a learning session with EO Gurgaon members, we explored the essence of effective communication, even in the trickiest situations. We explored real-world cases across the globe, spanning business, politics, and TED discussions. Today’s leaders must master the skill of concise and compelling storytelling. The learning session initiated dynamic learning through interactive discussions, build up in a crisis communication exercise. Our journey does not end here; we have more to uncover in the coming weeks, including style, structure, and online communicationThe purpose of such learning sessions is to upskill EO members to shine through storytelling while respecting individual boundaries”.

The session concluded with important learnings, a lot of new knowledge, and improved communication skills. Such learning sessions will contribute to the EO Members’ success, as they employ these improved skills in their businesses and other areas of life. EO Gurgaon Chapter is committed to assisting entrepreneurs by providing useful learning experiences. The “Art of Communication” session shows EO’s dedication in providing members with the tools they need to succeed in their entrepreneurial Journey.