Flutin – A Start-up Funded by SEGA and Sukhbir Singh — Launches A New Livestreaming Tool to Empower Creators Worldwide

Vishu Gupta, CEO & founding Partner, Flutin
Vishu Gupta, CEO & founding Partner, Flutin

Music platform Flutin has announced the launch of its free livestreaming tool. The unique tool named “Flutin For Creators” is dedicated to empower artists and content creators across the globe. It has been designed by Flutin as a one-stop solution to help different types of creators and social media influencers go live seamlessly, perform and interact with their fans, and monetize their talents via livestreamed content.

With the launch of Flutin For Creators, Flutin – a start-up funded and backed by Japanese gaming company SEGA and popular musician and singer Sukhbir Singh – is attempting to expand its authority in the livestreaming domain. The company is expecting all kinds of creators across the globe to perform and promote their talents through its newly-developed platform.

Using the Flutin For Creators tool, all kinds of creators will be able to monetize their online live shows/events/concerts through tickets, virtual gifts and by responding to paid requests from fans and followers. Creators and social media influencers may also utilize this platform to go live simultaneously on their various social media handles. Furthermore, in terms of ensuring quality streaming experience, creators can have better streaming quality even in low-bandwidth situations by using the platform.

Speaking at the launch of this new platform, Mr. Vishu Gupta, Founder & CEO, Flutin says, “In the post-pandemic times, the trend of online talent showcase through live virtual events and performances has been growing. We at Flutin noticed several challenges that the creators have been facing while doing their online concerts or shows, including limited means of monetizing the events, poor streaming quality, lack of multi-streaming optionality, etc. We are now proud to present Flutin For Creators as a comprehensive tool to overcome all such issues, and offer a seamless online performance experience along with multiple opportunities for creators to independently monetize their virtual shows. And for record labels, our platform will be able to simplify the complexities and reduce the costs involved in the process of identifying and launching new talent.”

Singer Sukhbir Singh says, “Flutin For Creators is a first-of-its-kind, futuristic tool laced with many awesome functionalities based upon the needs and requirements of artists, creators and social media influencers of the present day. The best thing is that the creators will be able to monetize their talent as soon as they sign up and register themselves on this platform. I would like to congratulate Team Flutin for coming up with such a superlative and innovative tool to help creators perform and prosper virtually.”

Leveraging this new-age tool designed by Futin, creators/artists shall be able to benefit in a number of ways such as:

● Event management: The platform gives the creator an opportunity to schedule and manage their online event before livestreaming it.

● Pre-event promotion: After the creator has created and scheduled an event on the platform, they can post the event link on their social media profiles to promote it amongst their audiences, thereby urging them to register for the event.

● Monetization: The platform’s exciting features like ticketing, paid requests, virtual gifts, and merchandizing will help the creator monetize their shows and content in various ways.

● Multi-streaming: Instead of separately going live on various social media platforms, creators can simultaneously multi-stream their event on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

On the other hand, for the audience base/fans, this simplistic tool will enable them to buy online show/event tickets and merchandise from their favourite creator(s). In addition, by using the “Requests” feature on the platform, a fan can share a ‘paid’ request with a creator, asking the creator to do a specific gig or perform something exclusively for him/her.

In the near future, Flutin is planning to add many more exciting features and/or capabilities to the Flutin For Creators platform, such as: Social Media Management (to post, edit, schedule Social Media content of the artist), Creator Profile Webpage (a dedicated web page will be created for an artist, consisting all types of information and Social Profiles and other links of him/her), Common Song Link (a single web-link integrating all the links for the same song by an artist on different apps/platforms), and a single-point Music Distribution feature.

Flutin as a brand has always been committed to support the existing and upcoming artists, performers and content creators globally. In a bid to go the extra mile for encouraging budding artists through the Covid lockdown period and beyond, Flutin had arranged a series of virtual talent hunt shows around mid-2020 (after the pandemic raged). With the roll-out of Flutin For Creators, the company is furthering its vision and commitment of supporting/empowering talented creators and performers around the world.

Signing up as a creator on Flutin For Creators is simple, easy and free-of-cost, and it can be done by visiting: www.flutin.com/creator

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