Frontier Mediville Medical Science Park Ready for recent management of COVID patient

Frontier Mediville

Chennai, 22 June 2020: Dr. KM Cherian Heart Foundation’s – “Frontier Mediville Medical Science Park”, founded by Padmashree Dr. KM Cherian, is ready for the treatment of COVID patients. Frontier Mediville has a 100-bedded facility in Elavur Village at Thiruvallur district. We might be able to scale this up by another 50 beds, making it 150 beds in total. The facility is equipped with state of the art infrastructure such as Ventilators, Pulse Oximeter, blood gas analyser, and multi-channel ECG machine. There are also 2 dedicated ambulances available, which can be used towards the transport of patients.

In view of the COVID 19 pandemic and the 12-day strict lockdown from 19 June until 30 June 2020, the patients from peripheries (villages), especially patients from Thiruvallur district, will be benefitted at this location.

Commenting on the same, Dr. KM Cherian, Founder, Dr. K. M. Cherian Heart Foundation Frontier Mediville& Frontier Lifeline Hospital said, “To my knowledge, there are enough hospitals and dedicated beds to admit COVID 19 patients in the city and many of them are doing a great job. However, there has been neglect of the patients in villages and peripheries. We have the facilities to help the people and would like to make optimum use of the opportunity for the betterment of society. My only request to the Tamil Nadu government is to help us with essential items, staff, medicines, food, and basic amenities. We also have a Mobile Diagnostic Centre with lab facility, mobile x-ray, ECG Monitoring, and so on for which we need medical personnel to support. I have written to the concerned authorities in the health department for the same. I hope to hear from them soon.”

Dr. Cherian further added, “Social Distancing is an important aspect of this pandemic, and Frontier Mediville Medical Science Park, spread over 350 acres is well equipped to maintain these norms. Since COVID is now considered to be a deadly virus, with no established conventional treatment regime, a city hospital will always have space constraints and hence there are limitations in maintaining social distancing. Bio Hospitals have an atmosphere of morale-boosting which is important for treatment. Many people who have been diagnosed with this disease have had suicidal tendencies, therefore, it is also important to keep their spirits up. We have to have an amalgamation of Allopathy and Ayurveda, counseling which will result in a holistic approach, prove to be extremely beneficial for the treatment. I feel this aspect has been neglected and this new approach could be tested with a reliable database. This makes Frontier Mediville’ s facility unique, apart from its research facilities.

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