Future Business Trends that Will Impact Growth

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Author: Mario Petkovski

We live in a time where technology is evolving fast. The latest technology today can be outdated within a year. This has huge impact on the business growth on global scale. Many businesses have already started investing in technologies from the future, just to make sure they maintain a stable income when the change comes. Anticipating new technologies in a company can be huge risk just because they are not proven and they intend to cost very much.

In this article, we will go through some of the technology trends for the future and see how they will impact business growth.

Infusing Businesses with New Technologies

As we mentioned earlier that some large businesses already started adopting new technologies and developing them. This will have a huge impact on business growth, demand for specialist skills and job creation. Companies that will infuse their businesses with new technologies will achieve the biggest growth, but this will be very expensive so it is expected only from the large corporations.

Big Data Availability

It is expected to see huge demand from businesses to use big data in the next couple of years. Big Data has a lot of benefits such as improving decisions, analysis, and management. However, this technology has been out of reach all these years, and businesses only relied on small data that is not well sorted. This will impact business growth and make businesses more stable.

Advanced Mobile Technology

The mobile technology is the greatest reach of any technology achieved in the world. Wherever you look, there is someone staring at the mobile screen. Its improvement is constant by developing face recognition, fast internet services, improved communications and much more. The mobile is like our personal helper that we cannot live without.

Mobile technologies will have a huge impact on business growth in the next couple of years by improving connections access to education, health services, worldwide job opportunities and much more.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is like the thing of the future, but some companies have access to this technology even now. It is used for increasing efficiency, improving business performance and productivity and much more. Artificial Intelligence will be used everywhere, from sports to business sectors.

Breeders Cup recently announced that they are using AI to improve horse races. AI is considered as a competitive advantage as it will help businesses achieve perfection. It is basically a non-human mind that is capable of making decisions, analyze situations, and even predict future things.

Cloud Technology

This technology is available now we cannot use its full potential. Business growth will rely mainly on anticipating new technologies and using their benefits. Companies will expand their usage of cloud computing in the next couple of years running the business more efficiently and with fewer resources.

Improved Education

Nowadays, you can live in one country and study or work in another. This will have a huge impact on the education of the people as they will get access to the best schools or trainers that usually were out of reach. This will have a huge impact in less developed countries with poor education system. Businesses will benefit by finding the right employees that are capable of doing specific jobs.

Expansion of the Middle Class

As the world became connected using technology, people were given the chance to get a job outside their country. There are many different opportunities and benefits like this one using modern technology. However, the most important thing is that the middle-class is rising.

This was the most desperate class in any country even though it is the most important. Usually, most of the countries are separated in low and high-class people as the middle class was fading away.

However, we are expecting to see huge rise in the middle class as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) is predicting that the middle class could double by 2020 and triple by 2030. This will have the biggest income for businesses as more people will have money to spend.

These are some of the trends that can affect business growth in the future. The best way is to anticipate them and try to implicate the same or similar ideas so your business can step up in front of the competition.

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