Launches New Book to Help Businesses Earn Certification

Pittsburgh, PA : In the wake of the global pandemic and social justice movement, this past year has challenged organizations to recognize the disparities that exist in workplaces and take action to improve inclusive practices. As the link between corporations and minority-owned businesses continues to strengthen, many companies are seeking diversity-based certifications. Joanne Peterson and Marian Neilson of Abator’s, an online service that helps minority-owned businesses navigate the diversity certification process, today announced the official release of their book, “Certify & Sell: Your Guide to Certification & Supplier Diversity,” which delivers a strategic guide to help businesses understand the power of certification and gain a competitive advantage.

Diverse certification authenticates that a business is operated, governed and controlled by qualifying individuals. Increasingly, global brands are recognizing the strong potential for supplier diversity programs to help them grow their businesses. Studies show that the growing minority population will account for as much as 70% of the total increase in purchasing power within the next 20 years. As there is tremendous untapped potential in working with diverse suppliers, “Certify & Sell” simplifies the process by providing standardization of best practices, processes, and systems for achieving certification.

“We know that getting certified can be overwhelmingly confusing to business owners. As we have counseled thousands of diverse owners on certification opportunities, we wrote this book to provide individuals with essential information on achieving certification and understanding how to maximize opportunities once you are certified,” said Joanne Peterson, Co-Founder,

From preparing the application to compiling the supporting documentation, “Certify & Sell” outlines the certification process from start to finish, including insight and advice from global market leaders. As enterprises compete for their share of rapidly evolving markets, there has never been a better time for businesses to aggressively advance supplier diversity strategies for their organizations.

“To compete for that diverse spend, you have to certify. In releasing ‘Certify & Sell,’ our goal is to increase diverse businesses’ access to opportunities and help them become more aware of what is available to them through earning supplier diversity certifications,” said Marian Neilson, Co-Founder,