Goldenberry Farms Introduces Sweet Sugar Mango Retail Pack

Miami, FL, June 19, 2024 — Goldenberry Farms announces the expansion of its Sugar Mango miniature mango brand with a new recyclable consumer retail pack.

The pack, developed at the request of retailers, allows this specialty mango to be showcased and priced with a UPC code, allowing consumers to easily differentiate and learn about this unique item.

Participating retailers may also see an overall traffic boost from Goldenberry’s “Sweet Sugar Mango Store Locator,” which has processed several thousand inquiries since being launched.

Consumers enter their zip code to be directed to the nearest retailer, and learn more about this hand-harvested, unique item.

“Millions of mango lovers crave the taste and flavor that only comes with tree-ripened fruit. The mango market has expanded to the point where a substantial consumer base exists for unique high-quality mangos, regardless of price,” commented Michelle Adler, Goldenberry Farms Marketing Director. “We receive calls and inquiries daily for our miniature mangos, directing that traffic to our local retail partners. This item with its merchandising and fragrance has the potential to influence a customer’s decision about where to shop, which is has been a motivator for grocers to carry the item. Consumers’ desire for novelty and variety makes Sweet Sugar Mango® the most talked about addition to the mango category.”

The product is supported by a full social media and digital campaign, consumer recipes, promotions, as well as select in-store marketing campaigns. This is the thinking behind Goldenberry’s line of miniature mangos, which takes the Azucar and Mini Irwin varieties and markets them under the company’s “Sugar Mangos” brand.

Unlike many other exotic mangos, “sugar mango” branded miniature mangos feature a thin skin that does not require the fruit to be peeled before eating; they are both a kid-friendly treat and an elevated fruit-eating experience. The retail pack is sold by weight and features 4-5 mini mangos per unit.

Goldenberry Farms continues to work year-round on the development of this unique item, not only on the field and with local family farmers to enhance the tree and soil quality, but also investing into packing, processing and food safety technologies to increase the reliability and consistency of exports.

As the volumes have increased, Goldenberry Farms has added machine sorting and cleaning to the harvest and quality process, using scanning technology to help monitor the quality and ripeness of each piece of fruit, as well as expanding its field team at origins.

Sweet Sugar Mango (also knows as baby sugar mango, and “sugar mango”) are protected by a series of trademarks and legal protections globally, allowing for the development of line extensions and expanded consumer programs. The company is working with juice, soda, and snack companies on various other implementations of the brand.

Goldenberry Farms and its parent company are offering licensing and distribution opportunities to work with their Sugar Mango™ and Sweet Sugar Mango® products and brands. For licensing or business opportunities, visit

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Goldenberry Farms is known for its “Where Good Things Grow” approach to regenerative farming, which focuses on soil health to commercially grow fruit naturally with a longer shelf life and ideal taste profile. Goldenberry Farms has been designated a “ZOMAC” company, for its commitment to rebuilding communities and areas with the development of sustainable tropical fruit and produce and was recently featured in Forbes’ Top 30 Brands for 2024.