HackerEarth Expands its Platform; Introduces Fullstack Assessments

coding skills

Bangalore – September 30th, 2020 – HackerEarth, a leading developer assessment and interview solutions provider, today announced the addition of full-stack assessments to help recruiters efficiently evaluate the coding skills of full-stack developers. HackerEarth’s CEO, Sachin Gupta, made the announcement today at Hire10(1), HackerEarth’s flagship virtual conference to help recruiters and engineering leaders hire top developers and build great tech teams.

According to the 2020 HackerEarth Developer Survey, more developers — over 35% — have expertise in full-stack development than in any other category. Yet evaluating these skills is notoriously difficult because full-stack development spans across multiple skills and requires a high level of customization based on the specific technology stack that an organization uses. HackerEarth’s full-stack assessment solution is highly flexible and customizable, supports a large number of out-of-the-box tech stacks, while simultaneously allowing any custom stack to be installed in the development environment. These assessments also include a powerful browser-based IDE built on top of Theia editor, providing developers with the same code writing experience in the browser as they would get on their own systems.

“Organizations are increasingly looking to recruit full-stack developers. In fact, recent data from a survey done by Indeed shows that the demand for full-stack developers in the U.S. increased by 206% between 2015-2018. However, finding a good full stack developer is hard since the assessment process is notoriously difficult and can take hours, days, and even weeks” said HackerEarth CEO, Sachin Gupta. “We added this feature to simplify the process and are working to make it easy for recruiters to proctor over longer time periods and assess using various programming languages. Our goal is to enable recruiters to evaluate developer skill from early candidate screening to more in-depth assignments in the later stages of recruitment, as well as to provide the best performance and experience possible for full-stack candidates.”

Key Benefits of the HackerEarth Fullstack Assessments Include:

● Flexibility: Can be used for full-stack, or for assessment of either frontend or backend skills independently
● The breadth of Languages Supported: Includes Python, Django, Java (Spring), Node JS for backend, and React and Angular JS for frontend
● Customizability: Recruiters can customize the development environment and the task based on their specific technology stack. Candidates can then build and run entire applications within the HackerEarth portal
● Ease of Implementation: Gives full access to the HackerEarth library of 13,000+ questions which allows recruiters to quickly build out full-stack assessments or create custom questions as well
● Automation: Fully automated backend assessment, with frontend coming soon

For a better review process, the product has a detailed report section with additional functions including:

● Real-time recording of actions taken while building the application in the form of log files which recruiters can download and review
● A preview function to help recruiters and candidates check the build easily
● Automated screenshots of the application built by the candidate so recruiters can quickly evaluate their progress

Features Coming Soon:

● Automated code quality score
● Fool-proof proctoring for longer-term assignments
● Support for more languages and frameworks, including PHP and Ruby on Rails
● Auto-evaluation for frontend
● The full-stack infrastructure will also be used to create specialized assessments for roles like Cybersecurity engineer, Game developer, etc.

To learn more about HackerEarth’s Fullstack Assessments please contact marketing@hackerearth.com.