HDB Financial Services restores Desalsar Lake this World Water Day

Desalsar Lake - After Restoration 1

National, 28th March 2022: On the occasion of World Water Day, HDB Financial Services (HDBFS) along with its lake restoration partner Environmentalist Foundation of India (EFI), completes the restoration of Desalsar Lake, a 15.05 acre waterbody in Bhuj, Gujarat.

Over the years, the lake had been polluted with city waste, construction debris, excessive sedimentation, invasive weeds and non-biodegradable wastes. As a part of the restoration process, over 450 truckloads of garbage and 3600 tonnes of water hyacinth was cleared from the lake. The restoration will positively impact the lives of over 70,000 residents living in the catchment area, enhance groundwater level, increase flora and fauna in the area and aid in maintaining a healthy ecological balance in the region.

Commenting on the initiative Ashish Ghatnekar, Head HR & Operations, HDB Financial Services said, “Lakes are an important part of urban landscape as they help in maintaining the ecosystem. We are pleased to have been able to contribute towards the revival of Bhuj’s Desalsar Lake as a part of our CSR initiative. We believe the lake restoration work along with community participation will encourage stakeholders within Bhuj and beyond to make conscious efforts in protecting and reviving depleting water-bodies, particularly in urban areas”

Arun Krishnamurthi, Environmentalist Foundation of India said, “Bhuj has a rich heritage of biodiversity as well as flora and fauna that needs to be preserved. We are delighted to collaborate with HDB Financial Services and receive administrative support from the State of Gujarat to take a step ahead in bringing back the Desalsar lake to its former glory”.