Humans of Digital Marketing (HODM) Aims to Empower 50,000 Undergraduates with AI/ML, Electric Vehicle, and Digital Marketing Skills by 2024

New Delhi, 9th December 2023 – HODM, a leading digital education provider headquartered in Gurgaon, has unveiled its ambitious plan to equip 50,000 undergraduates with essential skills in AI/ML, Electric Vehicles, and Digital Marketing by 2024. This groundbreaking initiative underscores HODM’s commitment to bridging the gap between academia and industry, preparing the next generation of leaders for a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

 HODM’s ambitious goal of training 50,000 undergraduates in AI/ML, Electric Vehicles, and Digital Marketing by 2024 demonstrates its dedication to empowering the next generation of leaders. With its practical approach, industry-veteran trainers, and an extensive network of hiring partners, HODM is poised to make a significant impact on the technological landscape in India.

 HODM’s innovative curriculum now encompasses practical courses in AI/ML, Electric Vehicles, and Digital Marketing, providing undergraduates with hands-on experience and knowledge to excel in the digital world. Recognizing the increasing importance of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the electric vehicle sector, HODM aims to prepare students for a diverse array of career opportunities in addition to digital marketing.

 “We are thrilled to embark on this transformative journey to empower undergraduates with the skills needed to thrive in the 21st-century workforce,” said Brigadier Suresh K Sareen, Chief Strategy Officer at HODM. “Our comprehensive programs, including courses in AI/ML, Electric Vehicles, and Digital Marketing, will bridge the gap between academia and industry, ensuring that students are well-versed in cutting-edge technologies and market

 HODM’s team of over 50 experienced trainers, each with a proven track record in their respective industries, will guide students through the core elements of AI/ML, Electric Vehicles, and Digital Marketing. The courses cover areas such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising,
Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Analytics & Reporting, as well as specialized modules in AI/ML and Electric Vehicles.

 To facilitate a seamless transition from classroom to career, HODM has forged partnerships with over 50 hiring partners, providing students with access to internships and job opportunities upon program completion. This extensive network of industry connections will give students a competitive edge in the job market and open doors to promising careers in AI, ML, Electric Vehicles, and Digital Marketing.

 “We understand the dynamic nature of the technology landscape, and our goal is to equip undergraduates with the expertise needed to succeed in these transformative fields,” said Mahesh Gaur, co-founder and Head of Marketing at HODM. “Our comprehensive programs in AI/ML, Electric Vehicles, and Digital Marketing are tailored to meet the demands of the evolving job market.”

 HODM’s commitment to excellence is evident in the success of its alumni, with over 7,000 students securing positions in top companies across various technological domains. The practical and industry-aligned approach offered by HODM’s programs ensures that graduates are well-prepared to excel in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.