Hyundai Motor Group’s ‘Na Oh’ Restaurant Redefines Culinary Experience in Singapore with Chef Corey Lee

SEOUL, South Korea and SINGAPORE, June 13, 2024 — Hyundai Motor Group (the Group) is excited to announce the opening of a new Korean restaurant, ‘Na Oh,’ with world-renowned Three-Michelin-Star Chef Corey Lee. The restaurant, located at Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center Singapore (HMGICS), is set to open on June 15, aligning with the reopening of HMGICS customer experience programs.


Na Oh, which means ‘moving from inside out’ in Korean, is more than a restaurant. It is a cultural hub for Korean cuisine, craft and design, showcasing the work of Korean artisans. Under the culinary leadership of San Francisco-based Chef Lee, Na Oh brings a modern touch to traditional Korean cuisine, marking Lee’s debut project in Southeast Asia.

“We’re excited to bring this unique culinary experience to our Innovation Center in Singapore,” said Sungwon Jee, Senior Vice President and Global Chief Marketing Officer at Hyundai Motor Company. “By working with Chef Lee, we’re blending Korean tradition with global innovation that represents what modern Korean culture is all about.”