IIITH conducts Design Thinking workshop

Pactera Edge announces AI Innovation Challenge for Retail and Manufacturing startups, in collaboration with IIIT Hyderabad

International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad (IIITH) conducted a full-day workshop on Design Thinking and collaborative problem-solving with specific focus on Software Products on Saturday 9 October. The workshop was a precursor to IIITH’s new Masters program in Product Design and Management starting in January 2022.

The in-person free of cost workshop was attended by over 50 students from various colleges. All covid protocols were followed and proof of vaccination was mandatory for entry to the workshop.

Design Thinking is a popular problem-solving method focused on finding solutions to complex problems with a human-centred approach. The focus is on understanding the people for whom the products or services are being designed. Design thinking draws inspiration from methods in various disciplines like engineering, arts, social sciences, and business. As part of the workshop, the participants will learn the basics of design thinking, including design processes, human factors and rapid prototyping.

IIIT Hyderabad is starting a Masters program in Product Design and Management from January 2022. IIIT-Hyderabad’s Product Design and Management (PDM) program is a combination of product design, IT and management – a key requirement for digital transformation initiatives and IT – based Start-Ups. Details of the program are available at https://pdm.iiit.ac.in

According to Prof Raghu Reddy, head of the new PDM program, “The role of design in the success of products is increasing significantly. Product interfaces (look and feel, interaction, intuitiveness, etc) are evolving at a rapid rate. Engineers, managers and designers have to work together to identify problems and build solutions that can solve societal problems and also contribute to the bottom line of their organisation. The PDM program addresses this particular requirement”.