Immundiagnostik, Inc. Launches New Website to Support Research and Clinical Laboratories

Immundiagnostik, Inc. Launches New Website to Support Research and Clinical Laboratories

Manchester, NH : North American immunoassay provider Immundiagnostik, Inc. has launched a new website to support research and clinical laboratories working toward improving patient care. The site offers a more convenient way for labs of all sizes to shop for immunoassays as well as other diagnostic detection tools and learn about the company’s lab support services. Additionally, laboratory managers can discover how Immundiagnostik’s customized bulk packaging service helps high throughput labs keep up with the demands of testing while also reducing waste.

“For the last two years, our clients have used the website of our German parent company Immundiagnostik AG,” explains Immundiagnostik, Inc.’s Chief Operations Officer, Terry Fisher. “We now have our own platform where we can more easily share our organization’s expertise and further assist laboratories throughout North America.”

Immundiagnostik, Inc. provides solutions for use in bone & mineral metabolism, cardiovascular & renal health, gastroenterology, immunology and complementary health. The site offers an intuitive interface for users to search for and purchase immunoassays and other diagnostic tools based on their clinical focus area.

Users can learn about the lab support services offered by Immundiagnostik, Inc. on the Support page, including remote technical assistance and assay validation services backed by the company’s Technical Applications team.

In addition, Immundiagnostik has developed a customized bulk packaging service to assist high throughput labs in not only meeting the demands of testing, but also minimizing unnecessary waste.

“Many research and clinical organizations are establishing initiatives to reduce their environmental impact and maximize lab and storage space, all while saving as much money as possible,” says Jennifer Mayes, Chief Sales Officer at Immundiagnostik. “We know the process of reaching these beneficial goals can be very challenging, however, which is why we developed our customized bulk packaging service as an easy way for labs to take that first step.”