Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya Reports Strong Revenue Growth along with profit in its Latest Financial Report

India, September 22nd, 2023 – Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya, India’s only EdTech platform delivering outcome-based learning at scale is proud to announce its remarkable financial achievement, solidifying its position as the most promising start-up in the EdTech industry- The first company to have become PAT +ve (100 crore+) even before series A Funding. The company’s audited financial results for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2023, has exceeded all expectations and demonstrated its unwavering commitment to excellence.


The company’s revenue from operations reached 100 crores+ in 2022-23 compared to just 2.3 crore in 2021-22.
This is even more impressive after considering the expense growth of just ~2x during this period.
This impressive performance across both revenue and expense levels resulted in a PAT level breakeven in 2022-23 compared to a 37cr loss in the previous year.
Produced 2x results compared to other EdTechs
All of this is possible within two years of operations.
Infinity Learn’s outstanding financial results are a testament to its dedication to providing high-quality educational solutions and its ability to adapt and thrive in a dynamic market. With an unfair advantage of Sri Chaitanya’s legacy, Infinity Learn codified years of best practices and outcome based pedagogy into a system that delivers outcomes at scale. This makes Infinity learn ‘India’s only Outcome based and profitable EdTech start-up’, but also continue to set new standards and inspire innovation in the education sector.

Commenting on the results, Founding CEO of Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya, Ujjwal Singh expressed, “Navigating the ever-evolving EdTech landscape, Infinity Learn has soared with remarkable growth this year. In just over two years, we’ve not only upheld our relentless dedication to excellence but have also championed responsible growth. We’ve innovatively closed the educational gap, benefiting learners both nationally and internationally. Our foundational goal remains clear; while we champion widespread adoption, our guiding query remains, “Bachcha Seekha Ki Nahin (Did the child learn?)”

Pivoting to a futuristic approach, Infinity Learn has now set its sights on integrating the power of vertical AI (for Education) to achieve scalable outcome-based learning. Infinity Learn believes that the Nirvana of ‘Personalised Education’ to every learner at an affordable cost can finally be delivered using this disruptive power of AI and would be launching its proprietary solutions soon.

Currently, Infinity Learn has over 750k subscribers and 7 Mn learners accessing content in some form on its platform. The company aims at reaching over 50 Mn learners and 1Mn paid learners on its platform by 2025.