Jeena & Company adopts AI integration to enhance logistics efficiency

Jeena & Company adopts AI integration to enhance logistics efficiency

Delhi-NCR, 22 September 2023: Jeena & Company, India’s leading trusted and reliable logistics company has introduced artificial intelligence to further improve productivity and enhance customer-focused working. The company has integrated its Customs House Agent (CHA) software with an AI solution that has already produced outstanding results.

Renowned for its steadfast commitment to cutting-edge technology, this innovation at Jeena & Company not only enhances productivity but also ushers in a new era of customer-centric logistics.

Among the notable achievements of this integration is the introduction of “Single Click Automation.” By infusing AI into various external interface processes, the Company has achieved remarkable efficiency gains. This includes the effortless digitization, signing, and uploading of PDF documents to external portals, accompanied by real-time tracking of all PDF documents within their ERP system. Additionally, the company now generates, digitally signs, and uploads flat files to the portal, automatically capturing bill numbers. As a result, lead times that once spanned 30 minutes have been drastically reduced to an astonishing 3 minutes.

Jeena & Company has also embraced API integration, elevating the client experience to unparalleled heights. With live portal data directly accessible on the application system, customers can retrieve vital information without the hassle of external portal logins. Moreover, the option to seamlessly download live Excel data from the external portal through Jeena & Company’s system simplifies data retrieval and analysis, ensuring clients have all the necessary tools at their disposal.

Mr. Meheriar Patel, Group CIO at Jeena & Company, commented, ” Our AI integration reflects our dedication to providing the most customer-centric solutions and enhancing our services to align with the evolving industry landscape. Our commitment to innovation propels us to consistently embrace the latest in tech and it has never disappointed us.”