Leading companies offer much-needed support to their employees amid the COVID-19 surge in India


India is currently rallying against a devastating second wave of the COVID-19 outbreak. The country’s key metro cities such as Delhi and Mumbai are registering record growth in cases day after day. Amid the ensuing chaos, certain employers are going the extra mile to keep their teams protected. From vaccination drives to precautionary medication, here’s how India Inc is helping its employees and to provide vaccination who are above 18 from 1st May:


Leading IT company Infosys has set up COVID care centres at Pune and Bengaluru for its employees and their families and is in process of setting up similar facilities across its major offices in the country. Infosys has also tied up with COVID-19 testing labs across the country and collaborated with emergency ambulance providers in every major city. The company has partnered with 1,490 hospitals in 242 cities in India to enable treatment for its employees and their family members.

‘In order to support employees and their family members who have contracted COVID-19 and need special medical care beyond home quarantine, Infosys has set up Employee COVID Care Centres in Pune and Bengaluru. These centres would be managed by Ruby Hall hospital for Pune, and Manipal Hospitals for Bengaluru. We have established vaccination centres at some of its campuses across India in collaboration with healthcare partners.’ said Infosys.

Leverage Edu

The leading ed-tech start-up is currently providing free vaccines to employees and their families. Working closely with its team, the company is running from pillar to post to secure beds and oxygen in New Delhi. While its overseas education business is peaking amid growing vaccinations and falling infection rates in the United States and Canada, the company is focusing all its energies on helping employees through this challenging period.

Bharti Singh, Sr Manager – HR at Leverage Edu said, “As things started to get bad last week, Akshay asked us to set up a small team to help internally. That very quickly scaled into we are helping patients and their families across the country, bulking up the team, and being able to help more than 300 people already. Alongside, Akshay also recently announced free vaccines for all of our 200 employees & their families, & at the moment we are also working towards setting the logistics of it. It’s empowering to work in a missionary company, where the focus is on always doing the good, all else later.”


Multiple crucial initiatives have been undertaken by the Bangalore-based premium couverture chocolate brand. While offering COVID insurance for each employee including drivers, SMOOR has also procured oxygen cylinders for emergency scenarios. Apart from this, antibiotics and precautionary medications have been procured and steamers have been bought for those who cannot afford them. Finally, a free vaccination drive for employees and their families is being planned for the near future.

“The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted all the companies and their employees. At SMOOR, our employees are our priority and we are taking all possible steps to help them through this crisis. Over & above our regular medical insurance, we have taken a special COVID specific insurance for all our employees. We have procured medication for in-home quarantine and first-line treatment as a precautionary measure (such as paracetamols & multivitamin supplements). Additionally, streamers have been sourced for our employees too. We have made arrangements to deliver food safely and hygienically from our kitchens to the homes of our staff in the event they or their family members get affected & are home isolated. Finally, we are planning a vaccination drive for our employees, the expense of which will be borne by the company. We stand with our team during these tough times and hope that they and their families remain safe” said Vimal Sharma, Founder, and CEO, SMOOR


Already contributing to the healthcare industry with reliable ambulance services in Hyderabad, StanPlus is collating a complete health safety net for any employee who gets infected. Employee insurance offered by the company already covers COVID-19 and complete PPE kits have been provided to everyone. For people who fall sick with COVID-19, StanPlus is offering a quarantine leave, which will not count towards sick leave. Moreover, employees can take leaves whenever they feel overwhelmed due to the ongoing situation in the country. Of course, the company is also offering local ambulance trips and seeking out bed availability for employees and their families – free of cost. It is also contributing to institutional quarantines for its team if required. As and when directed by the government, StanPlus will provide vaccinations for the entire team. In doing so, these companies are displaying unmatched commitment to the health and safety of their employees, solidifying the truth which is now widely and irrefutably accepted – we are all in this together.

“The pandemic has increased the emphasis on the ‘human connect’ aspect of the HR function. Startups always run in a super dynamic and fast-paced environment, and this element is even more prominent now for those operating in the healthcare sector. At StanPlus, we handhold our employees if they or anyone in their families is affected by covid. Quarantine facilities and emergency services are provided at no cost. We ensure that our people on the ground have a sufficient supply of PPE kits and sanitizers always. Considering the industry StanPlus operates in, we realize the pressure and secondary trauma our people go through. Therefore we have taken away the concept of sick leaves. The employees have the liberty to take leaves whenever they feel overwhelmed. We are tackling these uncertain times as a family”, said Prabhdeep Singh Founder and CEO StanPlus

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