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Technology has progressed till the point where a lot of work we used to take hours doing, can now be done in only minutes. The opportunity of leveraging technology in real estate is very high, but it depends on people’s understanding of it, which needs to be high.

However, getting to that point can be tough if you are not clued up on all the different technology that is available for you to use in your daily real estate needs. 

Impact of Technology in Real Estate

Technology’s impact on real estate has been extremely significant over the last decade, and it will continue to be so. It falls on current and future real estate agents and investors to be learned enough on these to be able to take advantage of them.

Let’s look into some of the impacts that technology has had on real estate, in order to fully understand how it has changed the landscape. 

Property Searching 

Searching properties has never been easier for real estate agents, investors or independent buyers. You can list and find properties online on various sites, such as MLS.These sites not only help in finding you different properties, but you can filter out to find properties that fit your criteria, such as location, size, etc. 

Property Viewing

If you wanted to move states or even to a different city, finding a property was hard enough, let alone knowing what the property actually looked like, a decade ago. However, now you can just use the internet to find out anything and everything. 

Real estate websites offer the ability to host listings that they are offering, and also to showcase the property to you. You can get virtual tours, pictures and videos of what the home or property looks like, and whether or not it suits you. On top of that, you can even have calls between you and the seller in order to get live tours or talk to them and get to know them.

Property Selling

As mentioned before, if you have got websites to look at properties to buy, you have got websites where you can sell. People who want to sell their homes on the websites list up all the information and get arranged with a real estate agent who will take care of the deal for them at the agreed upon price, with a fee for the real estate agent. 

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management or CRM is a software that was created for various types of businesses to help optimize and streamline operations. However, some of the best CRMs for real estate agents establish various systems integrated within them to help optimize processes and are made specifically for the real estate business. 

From having a KPI dashboard, to being able to automate campaigns and create pipelines to streamline everyone’s work, you can reach a new level of productivity within your real estate business. Even financial transactions are made easy with the help of CRMs as they store all the information within the software, and you can make payments and receive payments from within the application. 

Reaching More People

Real estate agents and investors are no longer limited to operating within small areas anymore. With the advent of the internet came a lot of benefits; being able to get any information at any time. However, you can now SEO for real estate agents, and optimize your website to be viewed by thousands and thousands of people. 

Creating a website for your business is of the utmost priority, as in the modern age, it showcases a sense of authority and professionalism; and also makes you seem trustworthy. Having all of the necessary information such as phone numbers, names and business address will allow people to truly believe that you are a well-known and licensed firm.

Optimizing the website will help you rank up on google, and other search engines, which in turn will allow you to find more people interested in selling and buying properties. 

Easier Transactions 

Transactions in real estate can be stressful, especially with the large amount of money in most deals. However, with technology you can now rest assured about there being tons of various mechanisms now to ensure payments can be sent, received and confirmed with ease and security. 

You can use separate applications to help the process, or even utilize the CRM systems as stated before, as a lot of them come with the payment process and security in it, alongside the ability to also provide e-signatures. The ability to sign off on deals instantly on your cell phone, laptop or computer enables deals to go through much faster and for you to be able to complete more deals with less hassle. Not to mention, you will not be stuck in an office to make sure all of this happens, you can do it on the move. 


It is important to learn the different machines, AI and overall technology coming into play in the real estate world. The world is all about adapting to change and not falling behind; real estate works the same way. With everyone utilizing basic and advanced technology, from video calling for live tours to using CRM tools to track KPIs, you need to keep up in order to keep your business growth up.

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