Lexicon IHM includes Bean To Bar Chocolate Certification as part of its 3 Year Hospitality Program

Beantobar Event

Pune, February 25, 2022: The Lexicon Institute of Hotel Management in Pune – a venture by The Lexicon Group of Institutes- one of India’s leading education hubs recently hosted ‘Bean to Bar’, an educational and chocolate tasting workshop as part of its endeavour to include the ‘Bean to Bar’ study as part of the certifications in its 3 Year Hotel Program in Pune.

The workshop bought together people over their shared interest of chocolate and indulge in an array of exotic chocolates. Mr. Mandar Bhosale, founder of Cacao Solutions and a certified level 2 chocolate connoisseur conducted the workshop and was seen sharing insightful information on chocolate making and his journey so far. He shared his thoughts behind his work and said ‘his vision is to transform India from using compound chocolate to pure chocolate’.

For centuries food has always been a great way of bringing people together to bond and form strong connections. Mr. Nasir Shaikh, CEO, Lexicon Group of Institutes and MultiFit says “At Lexicon Institute of Hotel Management we are always looking for creative ways to blend food and social events together. ‘Bean to Bar’ was started with the aim to educate as many people as possible on the different flavours and fragrances that cocoa beans have and eventually also introduce ‘Bean to Bar’ in the curriculum at the institute. The effort is to also to create awareness on using pure chocolate vs. the chocolate compounds.” 

The event witnessed individuals enjoying the rich, decadent chocolate bonbons, truffles and also enjoyed the therapeutic experience of chocolate making, and at the same time forming fruitful connections. All in all it was the perfect way to unwind after the usual grind at work.

The Lexicon Institute of Management opened its doors to all enthusiasts to indulge into the finest rare, rich and aromatic choice of exclusive Chocolate display and it sure was a success to see people bond over some chocolate indulgence and also learn about chocolate making!