Lexus India Accelerates Toward a Sustainable Future on World Environment Day

Bangalore, 7th June 24: As the world commemorates World Environment Day, Lexus reaffirms its unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and innovative mobility solutions. Since its establishment in 1989, Lexus has been synonymous with luxury and innovation in the automotive industry, continuously striving to redefine driving experience while minimizing its ecological footprint.

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Guided by “Lexus Electrified” vision, the brand stands at the forefront of electrified technologies, revolutionizing vehicle performance and efficiency. Lexus prioritizes environment consciousness and performance, seamlessly delivering eco-friendliness and fuel-efficiency. Going forward by 2030, Lexus aims to achieve a full lineup of BEVs in all categories, and by 2035, the aim is to sell 100% BEVs globally, in its effort to achieve carbon-neutrality by 2050.

By embracing a zero-emission goal, Lexus leads in sustainability and eco-consciousness by focusing on environment-friendly technologies, materials, systems, and processes. Being pioneers in the use of high-recovery materials, researching and using parts that are easy to recycle at the end of their usable life, including parts of the vehicle that are created from the naturally available material. Lexus developed the industry’s first bamboo-charcoal speakers and luggage compartment trim made from recycled plastics, always pushing the envelope of sustainable material design thereby actively contributing to safeguarding the planet and striving for carbon neutrality, ensuring positive impact on the world.

Furthermore, in its endeavour to be in ‘Harmony with Nature’, several plantation and mass afforestation activities have been implemented. Currently over 3,28,000 plants are planted in the company premises spread across 112 acres.

Tanmay Bhattacharya, Executive Vice President, Lexus India, said, “At Lexus, we recognize our responsibility to preserve and protect the environment for future generations. As we celebrate World Environment Day, we promise to continue our efforts to lead the automotive industry towards sustainable mobility solutions to create a world where luxury and environmental consciousness can coexist.

As the automotive landscape evolves, we remain dedicated to our mission to anticipate and exceed customer expectations through innovative solutions and unparalleled service, driving towards a greener, more sustainable future for all.” he added.

As India embraces an electrified future amid increasing environmental awareness, Lexus’s cutting-edge technologies and carbon footprint reduction initiatives stand as ideal solutions to sustain our natural resources. The brand’s emphasis on environmentally friendly approach extends beyond vehicle manufacturing, encompassing technology development, material usage, and waste reduction across all processes thereby continuously striving to aid in making the world a better place.