Living Better Brands, a Florida-Based Consumer Products Company, Announces the Product Launch of Their BagBolt Golf Accessory


BagBolt is a patented golf bag accessory that firmly secures any size golf bag to any motorized or push/pull golf cart. For decades, golfers have dealt with playability issues and club damage expense from leaning, twisting and restricted access to towels and accessories caused by cart manufacturer’s “one size fits all” design. After a one-time 60 second install, BagBolt remains with your bag providing quick attachment & release while also serving as a theft deterrent.

BagBolt’s innovative design prevents all movement on both axes by combining adjustable interlocking straps that prevent horizontal movement with a clamp assembly that eliminates all vertical movement by compressing the bag into the cart well when tightened.

“Finally, golfers have a low-cost alternative to depending on cart provided straps to protect their golf bag and expensive contents,” explained Fred Lewter CEO of Living Better Brands. “This simple, effective device installs in less than 60 seconds and completely immobilizes golf bag with over 7 times the fastening force of traditional cart straps. After eight years of development and testing, we are excited to launch the golf industry’s most advanced and secure golf bag fastening method.”