Luxury Personified Announces Distribution of Sonos

Sonos - Move Black Product

Hyderabad: Luxury Personified takes the privilege to launch Sonos, one of the world’s leading sound experience brands, in India. As the inventor of multi-room wireless home audio, Sonos innovation helps the world listen better by giving people access to the content they love and allowing them to control it however they choose. Known for delivering an unparalleled sound experience, thoughtful home design aesthetic, simplicity of use and an open platform, Sonos makes the breadth of audio content available to anyone.

Commenting on the launch, Mr Luv Malik, Director, Luxury Personified said, “We are proud to introduce this premium sound experience in India. The growth of the audio industry in India has been unparalleled and Sonos is always inspired by how music can improve lives and their speakers offer clear sound, simple set-up, and effortless control to cater to these trends in India.”

“India has become a global hub and consumers have greater exposure and understand the technicalities of the product better. With the launch of Sonos in India, we hope to bring people together to share experiences and seek culture through our product offerings, partnerships, and corporate efforts” said Mr Kush Malik, Director, Luxury Personified.

Sonos aims to provide people an effortless, fulfilling audio experience in their homes and outside. The company cares about sound experiences because of the essential role listening plays in our everyday happiness, collective culture, and future progress.

The Distributor partnership covers India and will go live at and your nearest dealers. LP has a dedicated technical audio team to support their customers and end users.