LXME Dream Card Takes Center Stage as the only Women Focused Card Launch at Global FinTech Fest

LXME Dream Card Takes Center Stage as the only Women Focused Card Launch at Global FinTech Fest

Mumbai, 6th September 2023 – In a significant milestone for gender-inclusive finance, LXME, India’s first financial platform for women, launches its newest offering : the LXME Dream Card powered by Transcorp at the Global FinTech Fest- making it the only women-centric financial offering to be launched at the festival. This development marks a pivotal moment in the evolving financial landscape, highlighting the increasing participation of women within the industry. The debut of Dream Card at the festival not only acknowledges the changing dynamics within the financial industry but also signals a brighter future for women as they continue to make strides in finance, investment, and entrepreneurship. LXME’s initiative serves as a testament to the growing recognition of women as an essential force in shaping the future of finance.

About the Card:

Women have long been acknowledged as great budgeters and savers, and the LXME’s Rupay Dream Card is tailor-made to harness and support this innate talent. This Dream Card is set to revolutionize the way women approach budgeting, shopping, and financial independence. Beginning with this prepaid card, they can effortlessly segregate their expenses, free from the worry of exceeding their budgetary limits.

The LXME Dream Card doesn’t stop at just budgeting; it opens up a world of exclusive shopping privileges. LXME has strategically partnered with renowned brands such as Goodglam Group (comprising myGlam, The Mom’s Co., Sirona, St Botanica), Suta, Bookeinstein, and many others, to offer cardholders enticing discounts each time they make a purchase. Stay tuned, as LXME is forging even more partnerships to enhance your shopping experience.

Another one of the distinguishing features of the LXME Dream Card is its fixed preload limit and that it is not linked to a specific bank account, ensuring a secure shopping experience for its users. It provides women with financial freedom and peace of mind.

This versatile card extends its utility to mothers, allowing them to offer pocket money to their children in a cashless and educational manner. It empowers youngsters to learn about finances and develop efficient money management skills from an early age.

At the launch, Priti Rathi Gupta, Founder LXME, said, ‘The Dream Card is indeed a vehicle for realizing women’s aspirations. We envision this card as a catalyst for empowering women to become savvy budgeters, a crucial first step in mindful personal financial planning.’

Ridhi Doongursee, Co-founder LXME added, ‘Half of the world’s population is women, the other half is given birth to by women. We’re proud to lead the way in recognizing women’s pivotal role in shaping the future of this industry. Just like our existing offering, LXME Dream Card is another empowering tool for women to achieve financial independence.’

LXME is not just a financial platform; it’s a movement to empower women to take control of their finances and nurture financial growth. With launches such as these, LXME aspires to become the ultimate destination for women striving for a brighter financial future.