MAA Group Launches MAA Academy


Dec 2022, Bengaluru: The MAA Group, a 250-crore integrated communications group is set to launch the MAA Academy. MAA Academy will offer short-term industry-focused programs in Digital Marketing, Brand Management, Animation, and Multimedia as well as Copywriting. These programs are classroom-based and are conceptualized and designed to help students launch their careers in Marketing Communications.

Founded in 1959, The MAA Group is an end-to-end communications group with companies in PR, Direct marketing, Advertising, Retail Marketing, and Digital marketing. The MAA group was founded by Mr. Ayaz Peerbhoy who is considered to be the founding father of advertising in India. The MAA Group then scaled rapidly under the stewardship of Mr. Bunty Peerbhoy the current Chairman of the group.

MAA Academy has announced its first Diploma in Digital marketing which is a 6 -month Offline Marketing course in their campus in Domlur, Bangalore. The program is designed to provide students a holistic and deep understanding of the Digital Marketing landscape, consisting of 8 modules and ending with a capstone project. The diploma also offers a 1-month internship for students to experience first-hand, a job-like scenario before starting their career as Digital Marketing professionals. The institute also aids students with placements in prestigious corporations and agencies. The program covers varied aspects of Digital Marketing, from an introduction and history of traditional marketing to SEO, Mobile, and Email Marketing, along with a module around Google Marketing Platform (GMP) & Analytics.

Highly experienced in-house mentors and project guides will lead the student cohorts across the finish line. To further enhance the learning experience, guest lectures by industry experts is a part of the program to expose them to real market scenarios. The course offers a carefully curated list of organizational leaders, innovators, and high-achievers who will motivate students to aim higher and encourage them to gain insights through Inquiry-based learning.

“There is a growing demand for skilled digital marketers, but the available talent pool is small. Most students are extremely well versed in the theory of Digital Marketing but there is a disconnect when it comes to practising what you have learnt. This program aims to develop a job-ready talent pool ready to face the demands of current day job requirements,” says Paul Woolmington, CEO – Canvas Worldwide, and a member of the BOA of MAA Academy.

“With hands-on expertise in the marketing space spanning over 6 decades, we have developed a strong understanding of what skills and savvy is required to excel in the field. Although theory in Digital Marketing is crucial, we give our curriculum a competitive edge by hiring experts in the field as faculty to

bridge the gap between theory and practice. Since most of the courses in the market today are online, our research led us to believe that this has created certain gaps in practical understanding and applications of Digital marketing. With this in mind, we developed a customized curriculum that is hands-on and delivered in a physical classroom setting,” adds Akshhar Peerbhoyy, Director, of MAA Group.

MAA Group

With over 860,000 job opportunities, the “Digital Marketing Specialist” position is one of the top 10 most sought-after careers, according to recent reports. Digital marketers are always in demand due to the diverse aspects of the field, including social media, content planning, technology, etc.