Mahak Group Launches Campaign for Mint ChocOn Featuring Janhvi Kapoor

Mint ChocOn

Mahak Group has launched a new campaign-‘Mint Nahi Hint Hai’, for its trademark candy Mint Choc On. Mahak Mint ChocOn is a one-of-its-kind candy with mint favoured outer shell and delectable, chocolate filled centre. The TVC star actress Janhvi Kapoor and sets beautifully encapsulates the emotions of a young couple on their first date.

The film opens to a beautiful late evening setting, where Janhvi and a boy are sitting by a hilltop ledge. The couple is out on their first romantic date. Since it’s their first date ever, they’re both a little clueless about exactly what to do on a first date. Trying to break the awkward silence, Janhvi asks, “So, aur kya karte hain first date pe?” to which the guy replies, “Pata nahi….mera bhi toh first time hai.” Janhvi then passes on a Mahak Mint ChocOn candy to the guy and he replies, surprised, “Mint?” Janhvi shyly replies, “Ye Mint Nahi Hint Hai.” Taking her subtle hint, the boy then consumes Mint ChocOn and leans in towards Janhvi.

Mr S K Jain, CEO & MD, Mahak Group said: “Today it is of utmost importance to all brands to keep coming up with innovative offerings in order to create a recall and a strong customer base in the market. We launched Mint ChocOn keeping just that in mind. Mahak Mint ChocOn is a novel concept, with just a hint of playfulness and whimsy. Our campaign is aligned to the core essence of Mahak Mint ChocOn. We employ German technology in manufacturing the product. From a teenager to a young working professional, Mint ChocOn is an offering, which will appeal to everyone. We feel that someone as vivacious and full of energy as Janhvi fits the bill perfectly and is an ideal choice for a brand ambassador. We are ecstatic to have her on board as the face of the brand.”

Mint ChocOn - Janhvi KapoorOn associating with Mint ChocOn Janhvi Kapoor said: “I have always had a bit of a sweet tooth, in fact, I can have sweets any times of the day! Whenever my parents were happy with Khushi and me, they would spoil us with candies and chocolates. Which is why I am happy to associate with Mint ChocOn. It is such an innovative concept. I am sure Mint ChocOn is soon going to be a crowd favourite.”