Mensa Brands acquires home décor label, ‘Folkulture’, targeting 10X growth in tandem


National: Mensa Brands has acquired Folkulture, a home décor label born in India that caters majorly to the US and UK markets. Since its inception in 2015, Folkulture has evolved into leading home décor and kitchenware brand in the digital-first space, offering contemporary-chic, sophisticated and affordable styles across categories.

Mensa’s association with Folkulture comes at an important phase in the brand’s journey, preparing it for a stage of rapid growth and expansion within existing as well as new markets. Being India’s first tech-led House of Brands, managed by a team of experts with a proven track record of scaling new-age digital brands, Mensa is set to deliver strong growth for Folkulture by augmenting its presence and strengthening the brand among consumers.

Folkulture retails largely on Amazon in the US, Canada & UK, apart from various other online platforms and is well recognized for its unique and elegant crafts, designed to embellish modern homes with a hint of bohemian culture. Some of the leading product categories include, Kitchen & Dining Linen, Home Décor, Incense Holders, Mandala Tapestry and more. It is carefully curated to appeal to the modern sensibilities of today’s consumer. What started as an interest-based project by 2 young individuals from the confines of their home, is now a growing decor label in the US home market. During the recent Cyber Monday Sale, it clocked an average of 2 units of sales each minute.

Speaking on the association, Ananth Narayanan, Founder and CEO of Mensa Brands said, “Folkulture is an important partnership for us in the burgeoning home décor category, which is one of our focus areas considering its potential in the domestic and overseas markets. We have created a roadmap for Folkulture to grow 10x by 2025. We will also be looking at adding more channels and products for the brand in the months ahead, while also strengthening its presence in key global markets. On behalf of the team at Mensa, I’d like to welcome aboard the Folkulture founders and team.”

Rinkesh Mehta and Chaiti Jain, co-founders of Folkulture, said, “With Mensa, we are positive that Folkulture will see exponential growth in the next few years, and we are immensely proud to have such an amazing team backing our brand. Together, we aspire to turbocharge growth and become a global household name.”

The home market has seen immense growth both in India as well as globally offering brands such as Folkulture a very strong opportunity to scale, with the right mix of product, marketing, logistics and inventory management. This is where Mensa comes to the fore with a vision to scale digital-first brands exponentially.

Mensa acquires digital first brands operating in different categories, including fashion and apparel, home and garden, beauty and personal care, food, and others. The enterprise is fast and founder friendly and closes end-to-end acquisitions within 4-6 weeks. Mensa believes that e-commerce in India is at an inflection point of non-linear growth offering the best opportunity to build global brands from India. Mensa recently became India’s fastest and globally the second fastest unicorn as it raised its $ 135 million in Series-B funding.