Metro Safety Paves the Way for Faster and Much Needed Education for Workplace Safety

Metro Safety First Aid Training School

The certified workplace safety training school offers comprehensive first aid training and workplace safety courses to promote safety for workers.

Coquitlam, Canada: Metro Safety First Aid Training School provides courses on workplace safety and emergency first aid to promote the well-being of workers in Canada. The training school offers short yet comprehensive courses to reduce workplace hazards and promote safe working environments.

Metro Safety First Aid Training School has been providing first aid training and occupational safety courses to the Coquitlam region for over 10 years. They provide courses in occupational first aid, forklift training, confined space training, fall protection training and lead/asbestos/silica awareness. Moreover, they offer multiple one-day training programs.

Metro Safety First Aid Training School aims to empower the local population with the basic skills to increase their survival chances during an emergency. Workplace injuries are most common to people who work on construction sites, mines, confined spaces and more. As reports suggest, annually around 2.3 million deaths occur due to workplace injuries; it has become essential to make people well aware of the preventative measures.

While briefing about their various training programs, the company’s representative stated, “There is a dire need to empower people to take charge of their lives and save themselves in a workplace emergency. We ensure this by training them through various workplace safety courses. Through training, they can save themselves and people around them, and take necessary precautions while working in a hazardous situation. Our courses are a faster and easier way to ensure workers’ safety.”

Metro Safety assures that its workplace safety courses are of the highest quality since they are created under the supervision of the Canadian Red Cross and WorkSafeBC. Moreover, their courses are short and precise and come with authentic course material.

More information about Metro Safety First Aid Training School is available on their website.