MiShawn Williams, VinoVie Business Owner & Entrepreneur, Interviews Experts on The Great Resignation and the Emerging Entrepreneur

MiShawn Williams

The Great Resignation is changing the landscape of work in the United States. Millions of Americans have realized their value and are waking up and taking action on what’s most important to them.

MiShawn Williams, Direct Sales Professional, Certified Success Principles Trainer and Fascinate Advisor is hosting a 21 Day online interview series where attendees will hear from well-established entrepreneurs, authors, parent-preneurs, creative visionaries, and career transformers. These speakers will recount how their idea, vision or circumstance tipped them toward starting their own business. Many will tell you that it wasn’t easy and will recount what lead them to take those first apprehensive steps. They will share what they have learned and how others can confidently (and finally), leave their job for their joy.

MiShawn Williams, who has been an entrepreneur for over 12 years with the founding of VinoVie, a wine club and wine tasting business, after losing a job in 2008, shares, “Now, more than ever, people have been let go of their jobs or are choosing to resign. People, not only get the value of, but the the necessity of, having another stream of income as we’ve seen so much become unpredictable these last two and a half years. The event aims to support new entrepreneurs or people considering entrepreneurship, whether full-time, part-time or side-hustle, to get inspired, go for it and learn how to keep it going.”

Some of the featured speakers include Patty Aubrey – president of the Chicken Soup for the Soul publishing company and Canfield Training Group and bestselling author, Becky Launder, CEO & co-founder of Modern Direct Seller, and Tonya Hoffman, founder of BeeKonnected.