MIT-WPU leads in Digital Transformation; becomes India’s First University to offer Blockchain-Anchored Digital Degrees to its students

MIT World Peace University (MIT-WPU)

Hyderabad,: MIT World Peace University (MIT-WPU) has added another feather to its cap and has become India’s first university to offer Blockchain-anchored digital degrees and diplomas to its students. MIT-WPU has signed a partnership agreement with CertOnce to implement its platform to offer Blockchain-anchored digital degrees and diplomas to over 2,568 students across programs from this year.

This includes students from the Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Commerce & Economics (PG), Faculty of Science (PG), Faculty of Management (UG and PG), Faculty of Education (UG and PG), Faculty of Governance (UG and PG), Faculty of Pharmacy (PG) and Faculty of Liberal Arts, Commerce & Science (UG). This is a hallmark initiative that marks a giant step in the digital transformation journey of MIT-WPU as a leading university in India.

Driving Towards Digital Transformation

Elaborating further on this path-breaking initiative, Shri Rahul V Karad, the visionary educationist, and the Managing Trustee & Executive President, MAEER’s MIT Group of Institutions & Executive President, MIT-WPU, shared, “Our university is always striving towards digital transformation and we are dedicated to finding new avenues to lead in this digital transformation journey and create new, inspiring ways of empowering our students. As our students continue to pass out with flying colours and secure jobs at the world’s leading organisations in India and internationally, we wanted to empower them with a Credential that would put them at par with the best in the world – a document that embodies trust and global academic competence.”

Also speaking about the university’s digital transformation initiative was Dr N T Rao, Vice Chancellor, MIT-WPU, who explained, “CertOnce solution of Blockchain Anchored Digital Degrees that are tamperproof and instantly verifiable with One Click provide our students absolute control of their Credentials. Implementing this solution also allows us to automate the manual process of responding to several requests from potential employers of our students. Employers can now verify our students’ degrees on Blockchain instantly, shortening their hiring cycle.”

Instant Credentials Sharing & Verification

The Background verification process that used to take weeks or even months at times can now be achieved in seconds, and that too without paying to any intermediaries or waiting for snail mail replies. “It required a personal favor from a friend, 30 dollars and 5 weeks, before my MBA school in US could get verified degree certificate from my undergrad school in India. That’s when I knew that I wanted to solve this problem. This gave birth to CertOnce – solving the problem of Credentials Sharing & Verification,” shared Rajesh Ranjan, Founder and CEO of CertOnce.

Adding further to this, Pawan Khurana, Co-founder and COO of CertOnce, noted, “Blockchain is the future of Credentialing: secure, opensource, verifiable and tamperproof. Many institutions around the world are already deploying it.” Beyond Diploma Certificates, MIT-WPU will also use the system to issue student transcripts, publish academic research papers, project reports, among many others. MIT-WPU has been setting global standards, whether it is by building global industry relationships or driving digital transformations. Implementing a Digital Verifiable Blockchain Anchored Credentialing system adds another one to the long list of its many firsts.

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