MOXIE Solar Now SunPower Authorized Dealer

MOXIE Solar Now SunPower Authorized Dealer

North Liberty, IA : MOXIE today announced it will join forces with SunPower to sell all-in-one SunPower® solar panel and energy storage systems. The deal, signed by MOXIE CEO Jason Hall, leverages SunPower’s decades of technology development in renewable energy with MOXIE’s commitment to customer service and mission of leading the change to a sustainable world.

SunPower currently boasts the most efficient photovoltaic panels on the market. Their PV modules produce up to 55% more power in the same space over 25 years of service than comparable panels and are sold as all-in-one energy solutions. SunPower’s product line includes panels, inverters, rack systems and batteries. The complete SunPower Equinox® + SunVault™ storage system includes integrated monitoring software to track savings and energy production in real time.

MOXIE is a leading provider of comprehensive solar power systems. MOXIE’s solar project management app, Flamingo, is built for customers and contractors. In addition to solar power installation and clean energy product development, MOXIE runs an electric car dealership called VERV Auto.

In 25 states, MOXIE solar installers are building solar systems for home, business and farm. MOXIE has grown exponentially since its founding in 2008. The company has offices and installation teams in 25 states. In Illinois, North Carolina and South Carolina, MOXIE will exclusively sell and install all-in-one solar systems from SunPower. In all other states, MOXIE will offer SunPower complete solar + storage systems in their portfolio of products and services.

“Since we began, MOXIE’s mission has been to change the world. This news brings us another step closer to that goal. With SunPower, we’ll bring a superior renewable energy product to thousands of homeowners across the country,” Hall said.

“MOXIE has a growing national footprint and strong reputation for great customer service. We are excited to welcome them into the SunPower fold and be a part of helping more homeowners go solar,” said Tony, Garzolini, Head of Sales at SunPower.

The agreement fortifies MOXIE’s growing presence in the thriving solar industry. MOXIE joins a global network of certified SunPower installers as an Authorized SunPower Dealer.