Music Video Launch_‘Break The Chain’ by ad filmmaker Achyut Parelkar is the anthem of our times

‘Break The Chain’ by ad filmmaker Achyut Parelkar is the anthem of our times

The current global pandemic has thrown the world into completely uncharted waters. ‘Break The Chain’ is the mantra which every nation has been working around, and it seems to be the only action plan that has worked. Adding an artistic dimension to the philosophy, is renowned ad filmmaker Achyut Parelkar’s music video ‘Break The Chain’ which he recently released.

For decades now, the Earth has been grappling with a slew of ecological imbalances. Societally, too, countries across the world have battled to make the world a more equal place but with varying degrees of success. Achyut Parelkar believes that the only way out of this cycle of bad decisions and equally bad repercussions, is to “Break The Chain”. In his song, Parelkar puts the spotlight on how we, as a global community, need to take responsibility for our actions, and pledge ourselves to correcting our wrongs. He then narrows it down to individual-level actions that can amplify a larger break the chain movement, like ‘Be Indian, buy Indian’ and making small, everyday choices that keep us from repeating our mistakes. He believes that the counter-productive cycles of cruelty, hegemony, power and environmental disrespect need to be broken, now more than ever.

Says the maker Achyut Parelkar, “‘Break The Chain’ is beyond just a current buzzword for me. I have been living by this for the best part of my life. Whether it’s societal wrongs like abuse or environmental disasters like the unchecked use of plastic, I have always believed in the power of breaking the larger global chain with individual efforts. It is the philosophy that is needed to not just battle Covid19, but also bring back a semblance of normalcy in the world. In my 60+ days of quarantine, I have had time to realise that these are signs of Mother Nature reclaiming what’s hers, and we need to respect that. I have been fortunate to associate with like-minded artists for this campaign which is why, all these thoughts have found their way into the lyrics penned by my friend Sreekanth, the music composed by Yash and me and Uroovak’s singing. The music is inspired by my love for rock and admiration for legends such as Bob Marley, Jim Morrison, Pink Floyd, and Black Sabbath. The song is a first step in my longer, larger commitment to the ‘Break The Chain’ movement, and I hope that more people join me in converting this crisis into a watershed moment that will change the course of the world, for the better”

True to his faith, a lot of people have shown belief in this initiative and have voluntarily come on board and collaborated with Parelkar to create this anthem. He is especially thankful to Diana who is spearheading the PR activity for the campaign and Kunal who has been a constant force of encouragement to help this campaign see the light of day.

The song, infuses faith that while the problem may seem large, we have it in us to bring the change. The time has come to break many chains and every step we take will lead us to a better tomorrow.

Achyut Parelkar is an ad filmmaker with over 22 years of experience. Currently, he is leading a creative cell in a multinational television company, but strongly believes that he is a farmer by heart who eats what he grows. He lives with two dogs in a quaint little countryside spot, where he conceives ideas that have the might to change the world.