Ohmium Demonstrates Green Hydrogen Clean Cooking at NTPC NETRA Campus

National, 19 JANUARY, 2024 – Ohmium International (“Ohmium”), a leading green hydrogen company that designs, manufactures and deploys advanced Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolyzers, demonstrated the potential and versatility of green hydrogen as a clean energy source at the NTPC NETRA Campus, this week.


The event was attended by CEOs and senior leaders from across heavy industry, transport and energy and provided these clean energy early adopters with a firsthand view of how hydrogen can be successfully used as a green and particulate free energy source. The green hydrogen was produced on site using one of Ohmium’s PEM electrolyzers and used to power a modified cook stove to prepare a festive dish.

“Cooking with green hydrogen is carbon emissions-free and provides a cleaner, healthier alternative to cooking with solid fuels,” explained Arne Ballantine, CEO, Ohmium International. “It’s also a powerful illustration of how, with careful attention to safety and engineering, green hydrogen could replace carbon fuels in many commercial and industrial applications. We were delighted to demonstrate the potential of this technology and to celebrate Lohri–and the return to warmer seasons–with NTPC.”