On world environment Day Obeetee organised an auction to support the community of weavers

world environment day

Obeetee, one of the leading hand-woven carpets brand was started in 1920.  The frontline operations of the brand are run from Mirzapur inUttar Pradesh. The brand makes carpets with focus on the environment and social responsibility. Believing that now is the time to rethink how to create, Obeetee has taken up the responsibility of providing with essential food supplies, protective masks & gloves for the well-being of all their 25,000 weavers till date, whose earnings were compromised since the time the pandemic hit the country.

Obeetee focuses on creating a symbiotic relationship with nature, human craftsmanship & life.

In the words of Rudra Chatterjee, Chairman, Obeetee, “We want our weavers to enjoy making a carpet. We believe that art, technology and social accountability can fix problems that exist in villages in India.”

Keeping this ideology in mind, in these trying times, Obeetee has come up with an auction to raise funds to provide essentials and a continuity to craft for their weavers and craftsmen. Keeping their sustainability approach in mind the auction launches on June 05, 2020, World Environment Day. The bidding starts on 16th June and ends on 21st June. The results will be intimated by 22nd June. The auction proceeds will be utilised for – food distribution, hospitalisation for any Covid-19 cases, sanitization and balancing the lives of those who have lost job.

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