OPT, a technology bridge for employee and employer to Hire, Re-skill and Upskill

Ravi Krishnamurthy 2

Growthcode Technologies, a Bangalore based startup that provides diverse technical solutions, introduces – The Opportunity Triangle (OPT), a unique human capital actualization platform that is designed to increase employability.

Employability is not just about an individual being able to get a job. Employability refers to one’s ability to gain initial employment, maintain it, and obtain new employment when required. In other words, employability is about being capable of both getting and holding on to fulfilling work. OPT enhances employability by integrating solutions encompassing education, training, recruitment, career management, and workforce management.

Boosting employability has for long remained a tough nut to crack as it is relative to three key factors. Eligibility, accessibility, and availability are what directly and indirectly determine employability and OPT helps address each of these quotients. As Ravi Krishnamurthy, CEO, Growthcode, said, “Unfortunately, only 50% of the educated youth are employable, and only eight of a hundred get jobs. We identified this as a key area where a difference could be made. While academia makes them eligible for employment by imparting knowledge, OPT trains people for industry relevance. However, what makes us stand out is the fact that OPT is a holistic solution addressing all the factors that influence employability.”

In order to improve accessibility, apart from training potential candidates, OPT also works with academic institutions and helps them achieve a higher rate of placement by making their students more eligible. As institutions are very keen to boost their placement record, they willingly take part in non-intrusive industry relevance training programs with events such as virtual campus hirings and online job festivals. Outside of academic institutions, cracking the puzzle of the ‘employment industry’ is the next big hurdle. What OPT does here is to make the most hireable candidates available to the industry and lets them source, assess, and hire candidates effortlessly by just clicking a few buttons. Promising a hit rate that is significantly greater than the industry norm of 8%, OPT lets the industry streamline its workforce management practices.

Lastly, OPT also helps state and central governments achieve higher employment rates by assisting them in their initiatives like ‘Skill India’. In a demographic like ours, a platform like OPT can be instrumental in helping rural youth get opportunities across the country through virtual recruitment and career management solutions. Furthermore, OPT also helps enable remote teacher training and provides schools access to the best teachers and allows students to gain relevant skills, which will eventually pay off.