Pandemic didn’t stop KAB from Striving hard

Karate Do Association of Bengal 1

At this time of the pandemic, where all karatekas are locked in their homes for the past 15 months, Karate Do Association of Bengal (KAB) has successfully used the virtual platform to enrich the knowledge of their players and coaches by organizing various Kata & Kumite Training Webinars with world class players and coaches under the reign of World Karate Federation, which includes Sensei Cleiver Cassanova of Venezuela and Sensei Mahdi Soltani Kalvanagh of Iran, in the first phase of the pandemic. And, the only man, who has made this possible with his devotion and hard work towards KAB is, Hanshi Premjit Sen, the President of KAB.

Hanshi Premjit is the man who works tirelessly for the development of Bengal Karate and he is the man who has given a boost to Bengal Karatekas along with the support of EC body of KAB.

In the second phase of the pandemic, KAB came up once again with a golden opportunity and brought a world-class international trainer to enhance the knowledge of the Bengal players and coaches, by organizing an “ADVANCE TECHNICAL KARATE WEBINAR” by Hanshi Sonny Pillay and Sensei Brando Pillay of South Africa today from 5.30pm onwards. Around 200 players and coaches participated in this Webinar from all corners of Bengal, which included districts far from Alipurduar to Bardhaman and Murshidabad to Nadia.

Karate Do Association of Bengal

Hanshi Sonny Pillay is the President of the Commonwealth Karate Federation and he is also a member of the Technical Committee of the World Karate Federation. Sensei Brando Pillay is the licensed Coach of the WKF and head of Technical Convenor of Karate South Africa. At the age of 70, Hanshi Sonny Pillay is said to be a living legend in world karate and he has also produced many International level players, during his active days as a coach. Above all, it is truly an honour and a matter of pride, that Hanshi Sonny Pillay is a member of the Technical Committee of the World Karate Federation.

The Webinar was inaugurated by Sensei Vijay Tewari (President of Karate India Organisation) and with Hanshi Bharat Sharma (mentor of Karate India Organisation). In his words, Hanshi Sonny Pillay appreciated the hard work and efforts of Hanshi Premjit Sen, who tirelessly keep on doing something for the betterment of the players and coaches of Bengal, during this crisis time of the pandemic. He dedicated this Webinar to all the near and dear ones, whom we have lost during the pandemic and also to those who are still fighting it. He also said that the Father of the Nation of South Africa, Late Nelson Mandela, once said that “sports have the power to unite nations” and thus he is proud to follow the sayings by being a part of this Webinar. Sensei Vijay Tewari appealed to everyone to be safe and careful during the pandemic and also urged the players and coaches to enhance their knowledge by practicing karate and learn from senior karatekas whenever possible. The Vote of Thanks was given By Kyoshi Joydeb Mondal (General Secretary of KAB), who thanked the Guests for encouraging the players and coaches by sharing their valuable knowledge during this time of the pandemic.

In the future too, KAB has planned various Training Webinars at the National and International levels, which will be conducted by world-class players and coaches. Most importantly, not a single rupee was charged by any of the players or coaches, to participate in all these events.