Phoenix Marketcity Pune to host Spectacular Supercars Festival on 9th &10th December 2023

Pune, 08th December – Phoenix Marketcity Pune in collaboration with TURBOCHARGED, India’s youngest automotive publication, is set to ignite Pune with a thrilling automotive spectacle on December 9th and 10th. On these days, attendees can expect a fusion of style and speed, with a dazzling display of 12+ supercars at Phoenix Marketcity, Pune. This collaboration promises a captivating celebration of speed, style, and immersive storytelling, bringing together the dynamic world of high-performance vehicles with the vibrant ambiance of Phoenix Marketcity.

 TURBOCHARGED, renowned for its immersive storytelling and visual prowess, is set to elevate the excitement of high-performance vehicles to new heights in partnership with Phoenix Marketcity. As the premier automotive publication in India, TURBOCHARGED is dedicated to injecting passion into every automotive narrative, redefining the way automobiles are perceived, and is committed to providing a fresh perspective on the high-octane world of supercars. Their partnership with Phoenix Marketcity signifies a merging of creative forces, aiming to offer attendees more than just a visual spectacle of impressive vehicles.

 The spectacular Supercars Festival, boasting a dazzling display of over 12 supercars, will be a testament to cutting-edge design and engineering excellence. The festival promises an unforgettable experience, seamlessly blending the glamour of supercars with the vibrant atmosphere of Phoenix Marketcity. Enthusiasts and casual admirers alike will revel in the spectacle, from the thunderous roars of engines to the awe-inspiring design on display.

 This unique event offers an opportunity for attendees to witness the convergence of style, speed, and storytelling at Phoenix Marketcity Pune. Join us for a weekend of automotive excellence and embrace the thrill of the Super Cars Festival on 9th & 10th Dec.