Polonez America: Best Way to Ship to Poland From the USA

Polonez America

Polonez America is the best option for shipping to Poland from the USA and more than 40 countries worldwide. The firm has a reputation in the industry that spans over four decades, and it is renowned for its high dependability and excellent quality services. There are also lots of other benefits, including tracking online, easy-to-use calculator, and fast express delivery.

Here are some reasons why Polonez America is the most efficient way of shipping goods to Poland from the USA.

Complete Shipping Solutions

Polonez America offers various shipping solutions to address different needs. Through air or ocean, personal shipments, container rentals, commercial cargo, and vehicle transportation can be seamlessly made by Polonez America. Containers can either be fully rented or partially rented (FCL, LCL), making it easy for any size of business planning logistics hassle-free.

A Convenient Online Parcel Sending

With Polonez America’s convenient online service, you can easily send parcels from any state or place in America to Poland and other countries like this. This will allow you to save time and effort since it has flexibility of scheduling UPS pick-up from your home while ensuring guaranteed delivery of your parcels.

Wide Range of Drop-Off Locations

Polonez America has numerous drop-off agents across the US, providing convenience to customers for shipping services nationwide. Be at ease wherever you are because there is always a nearby Polonez America drop off point in your locality that will help you whenever you need to ship anything.

Specialized Vehicle Shipment

In case you have any intention of moving vehicles such as cars or motorcycles between the USA and Poland, mention should be made about special dedicated vehicle shipment services rendered by Polonez America. Trust in various types of vehicle handling skills coupled with safe and timely delivery offered by Polonez makes clients’ possessions move safely.

Simplified Relocation

Are you considering relocating from the USA to Poland? Such resettlement work would be easier with Polonez America. From coordinating logistics to ensuring smooth transit, Polonez America eliminates the hassles associated with moving to a new country making it possible for individuals and families to start their life afresh without any worries.

Effortless Online Shopping Delivery

Polonez America is also capable of delivering purchases from the USA to Poland, therefore making online shopping very easy. For the convenience of the customers, you can now buy from American retailers and have your goods shipped straight to Poland by using Polonez America’s trusted delivery solutions.

Ship with Confidence, Connect with Love

Shipping through Polonez America while in need of shipping from the USA to Poland should be more than just shipping – it must be an act of loving care. As a result, feel confident when shipping with this company that your shipments are being handled by no other but Polonez America, which has unmatched service quality and reliability.


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