Positive Reviews Equals Growing Popularity of TATA AIG Two-Wheeler Insurance. Know More

Tata AIG offers telematics-based motor insurance through “AutoSafe” tracking app and device

If you love buying bikesand own a few, you must have gone through times when you flipped through quotes from several bike-insurance companies.Choosing the right two-wheeler insurance is a tough task.You want to ensure the policy fits well into your budget and offers maximum benefits.

All your worries go away when you choose the right insurance company in India. Being one of the most reputable insurers, TATA AIGofferscomprehensive two-wheeler insurance policiesthat have numerous benefits for the policyholders. The insurance company also ranks at number two in terms of premium accretion in the motor segment in FY 2018-2019. People share stellar reviews about TATA AIG’s two-wheeler insurance because of a variety of reasons.

If you are planning to switch to a different insurer, here’s why TATA AIG should be your first choice: 

  1. Budget-friendly Insurance 

The first thing that comes to mind while buying a bike insurance policy is its total cost.You might have always thought of purchasing a policy that offers financial protection at an affordable price. If you have been comparing quotes from different insurers and couldn’t find a suitable one, there is nothing to worry. TATA AIG can help you out.

Depending on your budget, you can choose coverage for your bike and include add-ons in the basic plan. From a regular-use bike to a sports bike, TATA AIG offers insurance coverage for them all. The flexibility to select a budget-specific plan is one reason why TATA AIG’s two-wheeler insurance policyholdersshare positive reviews about it.

  1. No Claim Bonus Benefits

You might not know you get a bonus for not filing a claim during your bike insurance policy tenure. In insurance terminology, it is known as NCB or No Claim Bonus. Not just that, NCB increases with each claim-free year, and you can get the bigger bonus at the time of renewing your policy.

TATA AIG’s bike insurance policies are also known for NCB benefitsoffered on the Own Damage cover as per the policy terms. If you have accrued NCB from your current insurer, you can even get it transferred to your new policy when switching to TATA AIG. 

  1. Flexibility to Choose Deductible

No matter from which insurer you buy bike insurance, you need to choose a compulsory deductible that you will pay whenever you file a claim. Furthermore, this deductible has its impact on the premium you need to pay while buying or renewing the policy.

What if you want to pay a lower premium than the quotes you have received from different insurers? TATA AIG can help you out that way. Along with the compulsory deductible, there is a voluntary deductible component that you can choose to pay at the time of claim settlement. This will reduce the premium you need to pay.

  1. Online Policy Purchase and Renewal Facility

It often becomes frustrating to deal with local agents who sell insurance policies. They might have tried to convince you to buy a specific plan with no substantial benefits. Plus, you need much timeto deal with various agents before finalizing to buy a bike insurance policy.

For a simplified experience of buying bike insurance, choose TATA AIG. They are worthy of getting positive reviews for making it easier to purchase and renew two-wheeler insurance online. You will also get a discount on the premium when buying the plan online.

Over to You!

If you find it challenging to choose the right bike insurance policy, then selecting a reliable insurer is of utmost importance. Switch to TATA AIG’s twowheeler insurance plan and check out the policy wordings to know more about the all-inclusive benefits that form the basis of positive user reviews.

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