Post Budget Quote by Manish Mohta, Founder, Learning Spiral

Mr. Manish Mohta
The educational budget of India has been a topic of much discussion in recent years, with a growing consensus among experts and policymakers that investment in education is crucial for the country’s long-term development. In terms of technology and edtech, there are several areas that the government should focus on:
Infrastructure: The government should invest in developing the necessary infrastructure to support the growth of technology-assisted education. This includes the development of broadband connectivity, digital classrooms, and other technology-related facilities.

Teacher Training: Teachers need to be trained in the use of technology in the classroom in order to effectively integrate edtech into the curriculum. The government should provide support for ongoing teacher training and professional development programs.

Content Development: There is a need for high-quality digital educational content, specifically tailored to the Indian context. The government should invest in developing such content and ensure that it is accessible to students, teachers, and schools.

Accessibility: Access to technology and the internet remains a challenge in many parts of India. The government should increase access to technology and the internet, particularly in rural areas, so that students in these regions can also benefit from edtech.

Research and Development: Finally, the government should invest in research and development in the field of edtech, so that India can be at the forefront of innovation in this area.

Overall, the government’s focus on technology and edtech in education can help improve the quality of teaching and make it more accessible to students across the country.

-Manish Mohta, Founder, Learning Spiral