Post-pandemic living: NoBrokerHood app set to make society living safer and efficient in 50 new cities by June 2021

Amit Kumar Agarwal - CEO & Co-Founder photo

Building on its post-COVID-19 growth trajectory, NoBrokerHood – the visitor, society, and payments management app by – is set to launch its services in 50 new cities over the next six months. Already available in 11 cities, the new expansion drive will see the innovative app making inroads in high-density urban markets such as Surat, Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Raipur, Lucknow, Vizag, etc. The expansion is estimated to provide secure and convenient living services to about 1,00,000 housing societies spread across these regions.

NoBroker has set aside INR 150 crore towards its expansion plans. Since the novel coronavirus outbreak, NoBrokerHood has made it safer for residents in housing societies to function as a part of the community through its society management application. When the first lockdowns were implemented, the app launched a grocery store overnight to help people procure daily essentials by partnering with grocery giants such as Bigbasket and ITC.

Its array of features also enables residents to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 spread. One such feature, Touchless Entry, uses facial recognition to detect residents and frequent visitors such as domestic help, drivers, and other staff, helping them minimize physical contact. The app also comes with a health tracker feature, integrated with Aarogya Setu, to optimize physical distancing efforts at the individual level.

NoBrokerHood’s features fall in line with its parent organisation’s mission of leveraging advanced technologies to enhance the consumer experience. Underscoring its unique value is the fact that the app has experienced 8x growth over the last 4-5 months, growing from less than 700 societies in March to 6000 societies currently.

Commenting on the next phase of expansion, Amit Agarwal, CEO and Co-founder –, said, “NoBrokerHood provides an integrated application for visitor, society, and payment management services. This cross between world-class technology, customer-centric thought, and service enablement is why we have received an enthusiastic consumer response since its launch in 2018. New features, such as Touchless Entry and health tracker, were also introduced in the wake of the pandemic to cater to the emerging needs of society residents. The surge in the app’s adoption during the viral outbreak and ensuing lockdowns highlights its relevance in the ‘new normal’. Our decision to expand its geographical presence is built on this solid reception.”

“More importantly, the cities we plan to cover under the next phase of our growth have about 1,00,000 housing societies looking for innovative solutions to the pandemic-induced social distancing and lockdown regulations. We believe that, through our unique value proposition, we can make their residential experience safer as well as more convenient,” he added.

Society living is finding greater favour among new-age families on account of the benefits and amenities packaged within gated communities. believes that the demand for robust security features will continue to rule the roost, especially with the pandemic factor now present in the residential equation. With more than 2 lakh societies in India, the company is optimistic about the limitless potential for disruption and growth and aims to be serving the needs of residential societies in 100 cities by end of 2021.