PurpleTutor increases capacity by 3x in 3 months, eyes expansion

PurpleTutor increases capacity by 3x in 3 months,eyes expansion

Mumbai- Mumbai-based Edtech startup, PurpleTutor has grown headcount by 3x from 60 to 200 in the last 3 months. The startup which operates in the coding for kids segments had earlier raised money from IvyCap Ventures and other prominent investors in January this year.

The hiring has been across departments such as technology, curriculum, and business operations. The teacher headcount has increased by more than 3 times and there are more than 150 teachers on the platform. Gaurav Perti, Founder and CEO, PurpleTutor, said, “We are building a cutting-edge platform, while there has been hiring for sales, marketing, operations, and curriculum, we’ve focused on building the technology team. People are our most important partners and impact the customer experience directly or indirectly, our mission is to hire those motivated and committed individuals who want to be part of this journey”.

Most of the teachers are women and 90% of teachers are below 40 years. Purpletutor has been growing rapidly in the last few months and its community of students is more than 45,000. With the hiring of teachers, they’ve added people across sales, marketing, operations, and curriculum development to support the expansion plans. “All teachers applying need to have a computer science degree, after that we have a stringent selection process to cull out the best teachers. We look for teachers that have conceptual clarity and can produce good engagement with students.

Post this, all teachers undergo rigorous training to ensure great delivery in the online environment and super outcomes for students. Given that we are rapidly expanding in our key markets we’ve increased teacher capacity from about 40 teachers to 150 teachers in the last 3 months”, adds Perti. Covid-19 has seen a surge in online learning and the edtech space has boomed due to this.

PurpleTutor is looking to rapidly expand in the next couple of months. They will ramp up capacity across teachers, and business functions. The company is currently serving customers in India, Middle-east and South Asia and looks to build their customer base further in these regions.