Quote on Hiring Trends – 2023 – Sashi Kumar – Head of Sales, Indeed India

“2022 has been characterized by various shifts in the workplace – from trends like quiet quitting to moonlighting gaining prominence. Going into 2023, it is evident that employees are prioritizing mental wellbeing and work life balance amidst the various fluctuations that are occurring in the world of work. As organizations wait to see how global movements affect the Indian jobs landscape, it’ll be integral for them to also relook at workplace culture and the current sentiment at work, in order to retain talent

Overall, employers are optimistic about their hiring activity during 2023 – with 45% of employers surveyed foreseeing upto a 20% increase in hiring. We expect tech roles to continue to be in demand across various sectors.

The other big trends we will see is hiring for more roles with Indeed’s data showing that a 9-11 million strong gig workforce is in the making in the next three years. Our data also revealed that over the next 5 years SMBs in India will create close to 1 to 2 million jobs – 42% of employers surveyed agree to this statement given the rate at which SMBs are growing in India.” – Sashi Kumar – Head of Sales, Indeed India