Renu Recipes is Sharing Delicious & Healthy Recipes to People All Over the World

Renu Recipes is Sharing Delicious & Healthy Recipes to People All Over the World

Renu Recipes posts unique and hand crafted recipes based on traditional Indian cuisine.

London, United Kingdom : In an age of social distancing, most people have resorted to learning how to cook from home. For a lifelong culinary expert like Renu, she decided now was the time to share her treasured family recipes. With her free blog Renu Recipes, thousands from around the world have already begun trying her recipes – and loving them!

Born and brought up in India, Renu learned the love, passion and art of cooking of the traditional Indian cuisine through her mother/mother-in-law. And in turn they learned it from their ancestors and so on. This art has therefore very long antecedents and experience and is still very valued by food lovers all over the world. And she is passing the intergenerational passion and love to all those who want to learn and appreciate this art. As she moved abroad, she began adding elements from the Mediterranean to her dishes. Her children always loved the dishes and wanted to learn how to cook so they can teach their children how to love the same dishes.

As time went on, Renu kept perfecting her recipes and adding new elements in line with modern nutritional needs. Once her husband was diagnosed with diabetes, she began adapting them to make them diabetic friendly.

According to Renu, “I created this site to share vegetarian & vegan dishes that are quick, nutritious, delicious, & diabetic friendly! Many of these recipe’s have been perfected over decades.”

In an age where many more are becoming health conscious, Renu Recipes has truly been a refuge for those wanting to cook delicious and healthy food at home. You too can become part of the phenomenon by going to Renu Recipes.