Round Table India (RTI) launches Project H.E.A.L to facilitate the improvement of medical infrastructure across India

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Bengaluru: In response to India’s COVID-19 crisis, Round Table India (RTI), a nonreligious, nonpolitical and nonsectarian organization, has launched Project H.E.A.L (Healthcare Enhancement for Active Living) with the aim to facilitate the improvement of medical infrastructure across the country. At launch, H.E.A.L has already undertaken relief projects worth Rs. 55 Crore in partnership with various corporations.

Project H.E.A.L entails movable or permanent infrastructure intervention such as building augmentation/repairs, creation of special wards, toilets, donation of medical equipment like ventilators, COVID vaccine refrigerators, oxygen line systems, oxygen concentrators, ambulances and hospital cots. This announcement comes at a time where immediate and sustained support is primary, and such contributions will help with much needed COVID relief during and post the intense outbreak.

Through Project H.E.A.L, RTI has encouraged its corporate partners to facilitate relief and offer help to those hit hardest in India during this uncertain and daunting time. The project will provide holistic support to the wider community in India. Some projects which have been initiated under Project H.E.A.L include:

● Rs. 7 crore hospital infrastructure interventions across the country with Cognizant Outreach, Vestige Marketing, etc. alike to encourage its network to join the cause and support India’s COVID relief.

● Rs. 8.78 crore infrastructure donations across Bengaluru in partnership with corporate donors like Swiss-Re, Blackstone, Embassy Group, Yahoo Employee Foundation India (YEFI), etc.

● Rs. 3 crores in the oxygen line setups across the country with the Sood Charity Foundation

● Rs. 25 crore govt. and charitable hospital equipment augmentation project with Association of 41ers Club of India under Project ONEMOREBREATH (OMB)

Priyesh Shah, National President (2020-21), Round Table India, said “The COVID Pandemic has revealed the fragility of our healthcare system and brought to light the desperate need to bolster and improve it. After doing extensive and profound work in the education sector of India, we are now extending our support to enhance the healthcare system in India through Project H.E.A.L. We believe true change can happen when corporations come together for a bigger cause and we have already seen a tremendous response to the project. This will help bring about change and improve society at a national level.”

Besides the pilot projects in partnership with corporates, RTI tables across the country have come forward and supported their communities and cities during the second wave. Donations worth 12 crores have been made by members to facilitate and improve medical facilities across the country.

Round Table India is a transitional organization, whereby office bearers change every year in July. The Changeover ceremony was held at Chennai on 23rd July 2021 where Tr. Moriya Phillip took over as the National President for the year 2021-22, which is the 60th year of RTI’s service to the nation.